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I've met the most amazing man on this website. Thank you very much!  (Dating)
Happy2meetthe1 and JacobCruze, United States, Sep 07, 2013
His profile was JacobCruze and I first winked at him. Three days later he emailed me apologizing for not getting back to me sooner. He was honest with me saying he was seeing someone and doesn't lead other women on.

It didn't work out after their second date as she went back to her ex boyfriend. So in his email he asked if I was still interested.

We emailed back and forth alot. Then two days on August 26th,we met for a glass of wine at Earls and have been ā€ˇseeing each other everyday. We've golfed, and have amazing conversations with each other.

He's a great man. Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to meet such a terrific man on this site.

Thank you


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