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He is a very nice man  (Dating)
CPHCPH60, United States, Aug 22, 2013
I'm not saying we're going to be seeing each other forever, but I do enjoy his company and he is a very nice man. Turns out that he works 4 blocks from my office and I'd never met him. We communicated by e-mail and he sent me some
pictures. We arranged to meet for lunch the first part of June and after that he asked me out, and we have been seeing each other every week or every other week since. I would say we communicated only a few days before we met. He lives near me, and it is easy for us to get together. We have a good time together and like a lot of the same things. He's a really nice person, and whatever happens, I'm glad I met him and I'd say he feels the same way.

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