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I found her! Great website brought me my sweetheart of my dreams!!  (Dating)
Ge********an, Aurora, CO, United States, Jun 02, 2013
I found her! Thank you! Great website...brought me my sweetheart of my dreams!!
This is not the normal CAUTIOUS way...I know, but I knew instantly that she was the one I have searched for for 50 years!
I met her on chat...and 3 days later I was in her city. I flew there, stayed in hotels...did it the proper respectful way---She is exactly what I have wanted...and FAR BEYOND in every way.
I am stunned and shocked to finally find the female of my all-time dreams. We are developing a romance like in the movie Notebook.
I will forever be thankful to MMatch...I knew I would find her on your site.

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