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I met a great guy and I'm in a relationship  (Dating)
gi*******12, United States, Apr 23, 2013
I met a great guy and I'm in a relationship. We met approximately 4 months, he traveled frequently overseas and I have a crazy schedule so it was difficult to coordinate schedules.

I chose the place to meet, it was a tea and coffee shop in Chinatown just a few steps from where I was living at the time from 4-5pm in the afternoon, he only had a window of one hour of free time in his schedule that day, it was last April 2012.

I got there early and got a table for us, it's a small place and then he walked in and we had hong kong hot milk tea and appetizers. Then we decided that we both liked each other and made plans to have dinner next time. We're still dating it's been more than a year and I'm very happy.

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