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I met someone on your site--Sometimes BEWARE
Du******am, Phoenix, AZ, United States, Jul 25, 2007

Sometime back I met a person on this site that I truly believed was my soul mate. The first six months were great. We ended up getting married. Then things started "going weird" We would be celebrating our 2ND wedding anniversary on the 29Th of this month. I thought things were great. They were for him. I found out, after he almost broke me financially, that he had done this with his prior relationship. She walked away with almost nothing, and lost what she did have when she met him. I was coming close to that same situation and "got smart" I now have my head above water and am working very hard to manage my life again. Now he is in Texas and I figured moving on to new grounds. It is not the sites fault, I blame myself for letting this happen. Are there any truly honest and caring men out there? Ladies, just be careful. I learned the hard way!

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