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A very charming man.
TruSpirit and Jan H., Oceanside, CA, United States, Feb 14, 2007

I have met some really neat PEOPLE here on MM. Kept a couple as e-friends, learned a lot about the others. Jan the businessman has been the most intriguing. We met fall of 2005, lost contact due to work and personal things, then found each other again Aug 2006. Then a whirlwind of touch and go communication, because of his work, which is in global development. Finally came together for a warm week in my home Dec 2006, but opportunity knocked again and I had to let him pursue it. Sad, but it's what he is born to do and I admire that. His new pursuit has made communication tough, but we parted on good terms, with good intentions. I pray for his success and hopefully he'll make it back someday soon. That's the life of hard charging men and relativiely intelligent, understanding, warm hearted women.

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