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weuropeanbeauty, Newport Beach, CA, United States

I am from Europe, left 20 years ago and got to the USA 8 years past. I was so determined to find an American men all these years, replied to a message from a guy, who's profile sounded so honest (and it is), down to earth, real. The last line was, 'excuse my bad English ..'. I had a feeling that he was from my home country, corresponded with him first in English and after the 3rd email when I find out, we speak the some mother language, switched to it. We have been in a whirlwind since. He is declaring, that he didn't take the internet dating serious. Only because his european friend, who lives here now as well, found his American Girlfriend, through the side. Also the fact, that our distance is 190 miles, whereby I wanted to have somebody in the near neighborhood, seems not to matter. We have so much in common that's it's freaky. I was widowed 8 years ago. My husband use to work for the same cooperation like my match, having so many of the same hobbies... Maybe it was meant to be, that I had on & off relationships for the past years .. to find him. I study Kabbalah and believe very much in destiny. So, we will see! - I hope others are sticking it through and are patient .. waiting for the same luck!

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