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I am grateful for Thank you.
blueyednea, Coloma, MI, United States
We met on MM through email. I emailed him first and I wasn't quite sure why. He didn't even have a picture posted, but I did. He didn't say very much in his profile, but something told me to email him. In my email I told him that I knew we probably lived too far away from eachother, but something drew me to him. I also said that may sound funny, but you're not living if you don't take chances. He emailed me back and said "are we really that far away?" He lives in St. Louis and I live in Southwest Michigan. I told him I didn't think I wanted a long distance relationship, but he kept emailing and I kept responding. After a few days we talked on the phone, and that was IT. I absolutely loved his voice and we could talk for hours. We both knew what was between us, but we needed to meet to find out for sure. After about a week, he made plans to fly me to St. Louis one week and for him to fly to me the following week. I asked him how he could make flight plans to come and see me before we even met. He said he was sure how he felt about me. When I went to see him, I have never been so nervous in my entire life. He picked me up in his slate blue Porsche convertible and we went to dinner. He knew how nervous I was because I was literally shaking. I told him to just keep talking to me because I needed to put his voice with his face. He did and I became more comfortable and it was a wonderful night and it's been wonderful ever since. We still talk on the phone at least 2 or 3 times a day.

I can't say it's not a challenge having a long distance relationship, but I would rather be with him whenever I can, even if it may not be that often, but I would rather have that then not be with him at all. We love eachother. Who knows what the future will bring. I am grateful for Thank you.

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