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I met that man on this site!  (Dating)
foxxxya1, Middletown, NJ, United States, Feb 11, 2014
yeah im actually moving out west to meet up with a man i really like and he likes me too i actually train but and sell horses and resort outdoor accommodations and he owns a resort seems like a perfect I also own a block at the jersey shore and been here for a lifetime...he might want to trade spaces lol.

thank you so much.....can you believe i found a nice guy in red wood forest with fresh air and he wants to run the jersey im cracking up how out of place he will be..they're all nuts here and hot blooded drinking smoking partiers.....this is just to funny i'll let him stay at the farm to sleep in qiet at night but that means up and on the road at 4 am and we close at omg to funny

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