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A Perfect Match
IMNenigma and jdpdr62, in a place far, far away..., Tunis, Tunisia, Aug 28, 2008
Sometimes the elements of what makes a perfect match seem elusive and mysterious; it's chemistry, it's timing, it's compatible emotional and social intelligence; it's the willingness to embrace another person for themselves; and a desire to meet each other half way, at times. But when you find the right person everything just falls into place, the pieces all seem to fit and an entirely new world unfolds before you.

That's what has happened for us. With JDPDR living in Denmark and IMNenigma being an American living in Tunisia, we feel we would have never found one another if it had not been through MillionaireMatch and would have missed finding the love of our life -- and while that thought seemed a possibility only a month ago, it now strikes us as a completely and utterly proposerous thought... to not find THE love of our life.

Love came easy and natural for us. It seemed instantaneous and without doubt. We feel better than Blessed that he asked and she accepted.... Engaged last weekend in Rome and planning a 2009 wedding.

Thank you MillionaireMatch and for all those still looking and is possible.

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