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iam4youin2008 , Ladys Island, SC, United States, Mar 21, 2008
Yes, it was him who found me. Supposably one of my profile pictures caught his eye.He said, when he saw the look in my eyes on that pictures that "he knew" I would be
the one. The personal profile also matched his which he did not diclose on the site.He had winked, I responded per wink. He was pursistant enough to stick with
communicating per email. Several days later we spoke on the phone for over 4 hours.The second day, another 4 hrs. The third-well you got the picture! We decided to
meet, but he had to prove to me 1st he was whom he said. I figured what the heck, if THAT would make him mad or chase him off, then that proved dishonesty. He proved to me everything that I needed and then some to be comfortable with his identity. We met this past Sat. spent the entire day together, got home and spoke again on the phone for another hour. We are so much alike that we "know" how the other will respond, think and do. We are "mirrored" personalities... Read Full Story>>

sunydays , Murrieta, CA, United States, Mar 02, 2008
We decided to meet ... so i bought him a crown because he is English ,,lol and he calls me his queen .... i did not kiss him on the first date...lol i did not want him to think i was easy !now it's been 9mos & 20days ... and now he gets a few kisses ... but he will have to wait for more lol yeah that's just me ...

He was the first man that i kissed ! on this site ! and i don't do anything else ..lol so we when out a few times well dating others ... i do nothing but kiss hahaha so i went through a lot of guys yeah they fine that i only kiss and then they run ! lol so i just kept on going out with my King ! and yeah ! it just works ...lol i really like him a lot ! time will tell !

thanks ...Sammy

maxovertime , Paducah, KY, United States, Feb 01, 2008
i met her here. i gave her my addy and we have been talking for 2 whole months.
she is helping some children with a volenterr group in africa right now but she says
she will visit me the first week in march. we have exchanged pix and let me tell
you she is soo pretty. i would not have ever met her if i would not have joined mm
so thanx and i will let you know more as it develops if you would be
interested....like i said maybe this will be a good testomonial to help promote this

ks4444 , Glenview, IL, United States, Feb 01, 2008
We met through your website. I was pretty hesitant to try out millionairematch.com because I am neither a gold-digger nor a materialistic person. However, I am interested in being with a successful man who has his life together. Within a couple of days of becoming a member of millionairematch.com, I contacted Jack* by email. After communicating through email and over the phone, we set up a date mid-December and have been dating ever since. I feel very luck to have met Jack and hope things continue to go well. He is a great catch- caring, optimistic, perceptive, intelligent, industrious, successful, witty, generous, attractive, and so much fun to be with. Thanks millionairematch.com!

SweetSanti , Phoenix, AZ, United States, Feb 01, 2008
We met after talking several times and realized our goals and interests were similar. Then went on a first date where we talked for many hours. Had another date where we talked many hours and then the chemisrty sparked and now we agreed to see each other exclusively, to see where this leads.