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ala001 , Dec 11, 2011
I decided I would let you know about my success (so far). I actually met Andrew from your site. He contacted me first and I was able to respond to his email. Despite not actually meeting yet (he lives in Australia currently), we have been in contact on a daily basis for the past month. I decided I wanted to peruse this.

Thanks for the opportunity! On the go.....

HAWAIILOVER2000 , Dec 06, 2011
We started chatting on line on October 4th. I sent her a very short email but because she lives in Illinois and I live in california I really did not think much about it working long term. I sent the email to be funny. Mary actually responded to me in a casual way and that started our online chatting. After about a month she sent me her phone number and we started talking and less emails. About two weeks later she wanted me to visit her at her home and I very much wanted to. So, the Saturday after Thanksgiving I flew to St Louis where she picked me up at the airport and that was the first time we actually met. It was a one of a kind lifes experience, we felt like we had been together for years already. It was so comfortable and she is such a wonderful woman that we simply got closer over the next few days and we continue to fall more in love. Funny story, when she picked me up at the airport, we went to get lunch and then went for an ice cream. In the ice cream store we were having suc... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

If I had any advice to anyone on your service it would be to stay true to there core of what they are looking for and look for a "real person" like I have found. they really do exist. I have the most fabulous woman in the world and thank you for providing us the location and opportunity to meet eachother.
Let me know if you would like to know anything else. thanks again

VillageCharmer , Denver, United States , Dec 05, 2011
I found my match and am married now. Please take my profile off. I am still getting winks and need to shut this down so it doesn't create relationship issues for me.

Thank you.

Advice to other members:

Don't settle for anything less than the man or woman of your dreams. They are out there!

vemeobaf , Illinois, United States , Dec 05, 2011
I met Dennis back in October, and we sent many emails back and forth. We began to look forward to hearing from each other on a daily basis. Neither of us thinking at the time that anything would come from it. He is California, I'm in Illinois. However we both knew right away that we had great conversations, and a lot in common.

After about a month of emails, we wanted to talk on the phone. Once we started talking, I don't think we ever stopped laughing, our personalities meshed, we both have a great respect for one another and ended up on the phone sometimes for hours a day. So after about a month of talking on the phone, we decided to meet. It was magical. Both of us feeling awestruck and wondering how this happened. He is literally the greatest man I have ever met. He's almost as funny as I am, he's dependable, loving, and caring. This truly has been a perfect match and strong connection. We've got many years of happy times ahead of us.

Thank you so much.

Advice to other members:

My tips: be yourself, know what you want, and when you get a great man like mine, don't let him go!

I found my man :)  (Other)
Makena , Raleigh, NC, United States , Nov 10, 2011
I found my match here and would like to thank you for providing the website. We both consider ourselves very lucky. Thank you millionaire. I'll keep you posted!!