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summerbreeze724 and N/A, California, United States , Sep 05, 2012
We emailed a few times and then spoke on the phone. I'm a firm believer in face to face communication and we met after about 2 weeks as he was leaving on a vacation shortly after we spoke on the phone. We met for dinner when he returned. There was instant chemistry and familiarity when we met. We both grew up in the midwest and had a lot in common. He was actually looking for a girlfriend and really had no plans of remarrying again. We have both been divorced over ten years...Anyway, it was just "right" from the beginning. We are both in our late 40's and just knew..

I was originally attracted to your site because I was looking for an "employed" professional. I had been on another site and was meeting gentleman that were unemployed. I wasn't looking for a millionaire just someone with a decent career. What I did find on your site was that the few men that I did meet face to face were highly professional and entrepreneurial. In our age group it is so difficult to meet quality p... Read Full Story>>

skyler2016 and -, New York, NY, United States , Sep 05, 2012
We corresponded for two weeks via email and then a brief phone conversation to set up a date. We met in Manhattan at a restaurant for dinner. I have two tips for any couple meeting for the first time on dating site:
1. Have accurate photos
2. Be yourself.

Caro20002000 and N/A, antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium , Sep 03, 2012
From the beginning there was one man that really caught my attention. Reading his profile it seemed he was looking for the same thing as I was. I decided to write him a mail on which he responded immediately. We have been talking to each other for about two weeks now and it is amazing how much we think alike.

Because we both have our own business it was little difficult to match our agendas for a meeting but it is planned in about a week. Because of the seriousness of our conversations we both decided we would not look any further and end our subscription.

Thanks again.

boots0330 and N/A, Denver, CO, United States , Sep 03, 2012
I found a great guy on this site. It's an interesting story in that he winked at me on June 24, 2012. That same day, I sent him an email that he did receive. I then never heard from him until Aug. 22, 2012. At that time I have 6 mails hit my email account stating that I had messages from the same person. When I opened up my page on your site, there were 6 emails from my new guy all with dates as far back as June, 24, 2012, the day I sent my first email. I never received any of them until Aug. 22, 2012. There was one dated June 24, 2012, June 30, 2012, a couple in July and a couple in August.

Lucky for me this guy didn't give up. I was just left wondering why he winked at me and I never heard a word after. As it turns out, he had given me his phone number in a couple of the messages so I immediately text him and we began talking. I happened to be out of town on business, of course, so we talked via phone and text for two weeks. I met him the day after I returned home and we'... Read Full Story>>

sunshine8824 and N/A, Rochester, MI, United States , Aug 21, 2012
Met someone from this site and we are interested in
growing our relationship and do not want others to intefere with our focus. Thank
you as the quality of people on this site are of higher standards for the majority
and i was very pleased with my membership.