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jewlzonthego , Alpharetta, GA, United States , Nov 29, 2010
Reunited with an old flame, but I did have many successful dates through this site-
very good site & the best dates I've had online.
Thx! If I'm ever single again- I would happily recommend to a friend.
Suggestion- remove guys who are on here for life! There are several who are "serial
daters" they've been on here for years it looks like.

starkey , Birmingham, England - West Midlands, United Kingdom , Nov 12, 2010
I have found a wonderful guy on here and have been dating for a year, so I think it is time to delete my profile. Thank you so much!
We emailed every day for 2 weeks before meeting because he was in Spain on business. We meet at a Starbucks inside a mall at 4pm for our first meeting. Then we went to buy a belt because his broke, then we went to dinner. He lives in San Fran and I live in Tampa. He comes to Tampa for business every 2 weeks. There is no plans of marriage yet, I am ready, but he wants to take things a little slower. I would have married him after 1 month of dating! But I think taking it slow is the right thing to do considering we live so far apart and relocation is a very big decision. We have been dating a year and 7 months. It doesn't seem that long since it is sort of a long distance relationship. But with our busy lives it is actually working out just fine.

datining  (Dating)
kimberlyk2001 , Winnipeg, MB, Canada , Nov 08, 2010
We met on this website and he prefers to remain private. I completely understand and appreciate his sentiments.Does it matter how we met...not really..but without It never wouid have happened

Dianor , Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada , Nov 07, 2010
I haven't been using this service for the last 3 years. I have married a beautiful woman that I met through yout website. I am happily married and I want to focus 100% in my current relationship. Thanks

26toPeg , Texas, United States , Nov 07, 2010
I met my match enjoylifenow from Scottsdale. We are in love with each other and our making plans for 6 months down the line. I beleive the service gives you an opportunity to meet people you would never get to meet in your normal life style. We are very compatable and feel like we have known each other a much longer time. We are happy and do not feel we need the distraction of the site so will leave it for others.