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weuropeanbeauty , Newport Beach, United States

I am from Europe, left 20 years ago and got to the USA 8 years past. I was so determined to find an American men all these years, replied to a message from a guy, who's profile sounded so honest (and it is), down to earth, real. The last line was, 'excuse my bad English ..'. I had a feeling that he was from my home country, corresponded with him first in English and after the 3rd email when I find out, we speak the some mother language, switched to it. We have been in a whirlwind since. He is declaring, that he didn't take the internet dating serious. Only because his european friend, who lives here now as well, found his American Girlfriend, through the side. Also the fact, that our distance is 190 miles, whereby I wanted to have somebody in the near neighborhood, seems not to matter. We have so much in common that's it's freaky. I was widowed 8 years ago. My husband use to work for the same cooperation like my match, having so many of the same hobbies... Maybe it was meant to b... Read Full Story>>

KarenB2001 , Phoenix, United States
I did a search for members in AZ. I looked through them and e-mailed him.

He said he was surprised his profile was still up, that he had cancelled the service many months ago.

I didn't post a photo on my profile, on purpose. I asked him if he wanted to have a photo. He said okay and then we started talking..He actually doesn't live in AZ anymore either. But we met on Millionaire Match.


DrAdam , Kalamazoo, United States
I met Debbie on Millionairematch.com on June 7th, 2006. We started out
e-mailing and then calling and eventually met a month later. Although,
I have never believed in love at first sight or soul mates, I have to
admit that this may have happened to us. We are perfect for one another and have had a wonderful six months together. She is my perfect mate and we have plans to eventually marry.


missgirl1 , Springfield, United States
I have met and am talking with someone wonderul from this site. Since I ended up here by accident to begin with, it will be amazing if he happens to be the connection I have been waiting for. He was a nice surprise in a sea of fish that otherwise doesn't seem to offer much interest to me. I have relocated to a site exclusive to Christians. Thank you for the one new friend I have made. It's too soon to tell if there may be more to it than that.

vikki_boyer16 , Van Nuys, United States
I actually met a really nice man from your site that I am currently dating. Thank you MillionaireMatch.com.
I found my friend through the search options set up by millionairematch.com.
In his profile, he was looking for someone in the age range of 21 to 40. I happen to be 43, so I conveyed to him that I wasn't hitting on him, I just wanted him to know that he had a very nice profile. The long and short of it is we met and hit it off. I wouldn't call him "my partner" quite yet...but I'm working on it.