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Fitnesslina , Göteborg, Vastra Gotaland, Sweden , Sep 20, 2012
I looked at his profile and emailed him that i liked his profile. He replied the same day saying the same. The very next day we were texting and sending pics to one another on Whatsapp. Two days later we started skyping with eachother and did so every day for 10 days til we met. First time we met I went to him in the UK and stayed for 7 days (!) and after that he came back with me to Sweden for 4 days.

We skype every day or whatsapp and will meet again in two weeks time. He all ready bought the plane tickets. Im going over to see him then two weeks after that again (bought my tickets too all ready).

I will send pictures when we met eachother for a longer period of time, hope that is ok. I´ll send you a couple in 6 weeks.

All the best and THANK YOU again!

I did meet someone!  (Dating)
Marjorie2012 , Mamaroneck, NY, United States , Sep 20, 2012
I did meet someone and we are seeing one another exclusively now. Thank you for introducing us. He was in fact a recommendation from you good folks. I have recommended your site to two other girlfriends who have already joined.

Wish us luck!

dragon253 , Limestone, TN, United States , Sep 20, 2012
I have been a member for less than a month. I have met someone through your site. Thank you for the opportunity you provided and I have only good things to say about your services!

aquasulis2000 , Bath, England - Somerset, United Kingdom , Sep 18, 2012
I have found a match and I'm getting to know him and want to concentrate on that with no distractions from the site. It is a long distance friendship at present but he is moving to the UK.

EyesInTheSky and N/A, Sep 10, 2012
After many years of meeting the wrong men and praying I would one day meet the right man... I did. He is an incredible human being and a wonderful partner. I am looking forward to life with him.

I had been asked many times to compromise on my profiles to find someone who be "more" compatible with me. I refused to compromise. I would rather have spent my life alone. I had basically given up on meeting anyone through any of the sites I had tried and I was going to delete my subscriptions. Your site was the last of the three I was subscribed to that I was deleting. When I opened the site, I saw the profile of someone who had most everything in common with me. We began communicating via phone and text. We met for our first date and have been building the most beautiful relationship I have ever had. Neither of us can believe how well we work together. I have not met anyone in my entire single life who remotely came close to this perfect match. We both consider ourselves very fortu... Read Full Story>>