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I met him on your site...........we can't remember who contacted whom..........but it looks like he is a keeper. I will let you all know how it works out....... and mahalo nui loa from Hawaii

Thank you very much - Cassandra Dunham

I was on this site and put out a couple of winks to those men that sparked an interest .Upon checking back after a day and found that I had one response from a guy in Guilford NC, Attyjohn. There was nothing more from him after posting my picture. I received
a wink from another person that was very local.
We communicated and found that we had a lot of common interest. Things took off from there. I want to thank you for this site. I have used others but none with the results and the men who have the income as well(hopefully). I too will be in the 6 fiqure range and wanted some one suitable as well. Thanks so much I have met a possible long term partner for life!
I live close to this person and we would not have met unless through this site. We both have been living close by for several years and never knew each other existed! He is quite popular in Durham, NC by the way.

Krista winked at me, but because there was a large age-gap and large distance (Prince George, Canada and Los Angeles) I replied negatively. She persisted, and we then wrote and phoned prolificly for 2-3 months. Having done significant distance-romance in the past, and unsuccessfully, I had a 'moment of realism' about the seeming futility of continuing, when the distance was going to preclude getting sufficient quality time together; and I wrote to call it off. She was not pleased is an understatement, but we went our separate ways for about 3 months. I then had a moment of clarity, and expecting to be ignored or a reply of invective, I gingerly wrote her a note. She warily replied, and we started writing and phoning again, but this time, I decided to do things properly by committing to have regular visits. Within minutes of meeting for the first time, the fabled but elusive chemistry was very apparent, something never before experienced in my 59 years of life in marriages and dat... Read Full Story>>

blueyednea , Coloma, United States
We met on MM through email. I emailed him first and I wasn't quite sure why. He didn't even have a picture posted, but I did. He didn't say very much in his profile, but something told me to email him. In my email I told him that I knew we probably lived too far away from eachother, but something drew me to him. I also said that may sound funny, but you're not living if you don't take chances. He emailed me back and said "are we really that far away?" He lives in St. Louis and I live in Southwest Michigan. I told him I didn't think I wanted a long distance relationship, but he kept emailing and I kept responding. After a few days we talked on the phone, and that was IT. I absolutely loved his voice and we could talk for hours. We both knew what was between us, but we needed to meet to find out for sure. After about a week, he made plans to fly me to St. Louis one week and for him to fly to me the following week. I asked him how he could make flight plans to come ... Read Full Story>>

weuropeanbeauty , Newport Beach, United States

I am from Europe, left 20 years ago and got to the USA 8 years past. I was so determined to find an American men all these years, replied to a message from a guy, who's profile sounded so honest (and it is), down to earth, real. The last line was, 'excuse my bad English ..'. I had a feeling that he was from my home country, corresponded with him first in English and after the 3rd email when I find out, we speak the some mother language, switched to it. We have been in a whirlwind since. He is declaring, that he didn't take the internet dating serious. Only because his european friend, who lives here now as well, found his American Girlfriend, through the side. Also the fact, that our distance is 190 miles, whereby I wanted to have somebody in the near neighborhood, seems not to matter. We have so much in common that's it's freaky. I was widowed 8 years ago. My husband use to work for the same cooperation like my match, having so many of the same hobbies... Maybe it was meant to b... Read Full Story>>