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Golfgalmatch , Palm Desert, CA, United States, May 13, 2009
I met this really nice, handsome, and good guy through MillionaireMatch in or around September, 2008. I liked him immediately, but I am very cautious, so I was somewhat reserved. I put him in my speed dial and was awaiting his call. I was actually quite excited, since I only made it to a second date with one other person; I am very picky. He did not call. I was disappointed, because he was EXACTLY the type I was looking for, so I though that he did not like me. I dropped him a polite note thanking him for coming to meet me. He thought that I did not like him enough to "knock my socks off", so he pulled back. Because I have been around the world and am somewhat cultured, he also thought that I might not be the down to earth, casual type he was looking for. We had a couple of pleasant e-mails, but eventually lost touch. I few months ago I thought of him again and since I still had his number in my speed dial, I gave him a call. I explained that I am just not the type... Read Full Story>>

barcelona64 , Paradise Valley, AZ, United States, May 08, 2009
Dear Millionaire Match,

My story begins with a very elaborate and detailed list. For the past few years, I have looked at myself through the most honest of eyes. In doing so it allowed me to then create my ideal partner. Not perfect you see, yet perfect for me.

The list was suited to my needs and wants. Needless to say...it was long. I have nothing against the online dating web sites. I just didn't feel it was for me, always telling my friends that I'll meet men the traditional ways. From out of no where, without any hesitations...my analytical devices turned off for the first time ever.
I opened my laptop and proceeded to fill out a profile on your site, I completed it without much thought to what I wrote.

Then I looked at a few men, emailed two. One was "him", he winked back and the rest is history. Not only is he everything and then some on the "list" but he and I are virtually cut from the same cloth, even looking similar.
Fat... Read Full Story>>

halfdevil , Apr 29, 2009
I met someone from the site.He e mailed me from the website and we met a day later and we have plans to go away for a weekend. Such a great guy. I have been on and off your site for quite sometime. It was worth the wait.

Cinderella2035 , Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, United States, Apr 10, 2009
I met someone on your site and I want to focus on only him. Thank you
He winked. I replied. We began talking on the phone. He flew to Tampa for a weekend
and we were immediatly sure, comfortable, like we'd known each other forever. No awkward moment. It just fit. We were holding hands and laughing right away. It was very easy. I will be
relocating to be with him soon. Thank you

1uvthatjuicy , Northridge, CA, United States, Mar 31, 2009
My partner (who is now my boyfriend!) found me on the site. It started off very casual with emails. "Pauvere" and I had no expectations in the beginning but couldn't control the friendship that was building. Months later we were communicating every chance we got! 7 calls a day, 20 text messages, and emails became a normal routine. Currently, we are planning to move in together and marriage is in our near future!
Thanks Millionaire Match!