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WantedNiceGent , Apr 26, 2010
We corresponded with each other back in 2003-2004. At the time I was living in Palm Beach Florida. I recently moved back home to Cali. We found each other again and here we are. We met a couple months ago and had lunch on our first meeting. There will be two weddings. One will be asap and the other a later date.

I believe I have met my best friend, lover, confidant and companion. He is my future husband and soul mate. I am very happy and believe he is the best person for me.

Thank you MM,

ls9229x , Missoula, MT, United States , Apr 14, 2010
Thanks for Millionairematch.com. This is a really very successful endeavor. I meet someone whom I truly crazy about.

We emailed for about a week, spoke on the phone several times and then had a couple of dates. We both enjoy each other and have had great times together.

Malibuguy , Malibu, CA, United States , Apr 11, 2010
I had met several people from MM over the last two years and it was always positive. I finally met the woman of my dreams on your great site, about a month ago, and we met in person for the first time on March 25th, and have been inseperable since! Marriage would definitely be in the not so distant future I do believe.

Thanks again for your great MM site, which is ironic also as I am canadian living in the US and you are based in Toronto, Canada! Thanks again and god bless!

B.Tremblay, California, United States

Shannon2036 , Los Angeles, CA, United States , Apr 07, 2010
First email message was sent last year of March 15th, then we met that year of March 28th for the first time at a local restaurant/bar on a Sunday night for dinner. We casually dated for about 2 months, then became official boyfriend/girlfriend. It has been slightly over a year since we've met. We are in-love and happy. We plan on moving in together in about 2-3 months, then get engaged within the next year. Definitely plans for marriage. My family loves him, and I will meet his entire East coast family in a couple months!

Malibuguy , Malibu, CA, United States , Mar 30, 2010
I did meet someone on this site! We emailed on the MillionaireMatch.com site for a couple weeks, then talked over the phone for a week or so, and then met for the first time last week. We get along quite well and plan on seeing each other again this week, so far so good and I'm very pleased about all of it.

MillionaireMatch.com is a great site and is the only place where I have met the most quality people of any online dating site.

Great job!