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letsjet, United States, Jan 14, 2013
I believe I have!!! I dated some crazy people, but one special man found me, we winked and he never gave up on me. We are talking, just had our first date and I believe hes my last one!!!! I'm exausted dating!

PussNbox, Houston, TX, United States, Jan 08, 2013
I found someone from the site!! I have been on the site now for almost 3 months. I have met at least 8 men and spoke to around 20 by telephone. The people I was meeting were not people I could ever see myself with. I began feeling quite skeptical of dating websites like this one.

I began conversations by phone with a guy named Jim who lives in California. I live in Texas. We spoke on the phone only for about a week before meeting in person. He flew me out to California and took me on several dates. We hung out the whole time. The first night I had stayed in a hotel just to feel safe. After that night, I ended up staying with him at his house for the rest of my visit.

Since then I have flown out there one other time. He will be coming here to visit me in Houston next Wednesday. We both decided that we want to be exclusive with one another and we plan to travel back and forth on a regular basis. I am a student and I don't graduate until December 2013 othe... Read Full Story>>

stef14177141, Newyork, United States, Jan 06, 2013
I have met someone on here! He is amazing. This site is amazing! I've had incredible luck here. Thank you so much for creating this! I'm greatful to this site for my happiness!

Bruce, Newyork, United States, Jan 06, 2013
It is my desire to terminate my listing on at this time. I have met a significant other at this time through the site and plan to pursue this relationship. I certainly appreciate the professionalism of your site and the fact that it allowed me to meet someone when I had almost given up on Love.

Thank You,

jaybaby73, Alpine, New Jersey, United States, Jan 02, 2013
Every morning when we wake up, we look at each other and just think..."I can't believe I found you!". We are soulmates in every sense of the word. We are best friends, mentors, and passionately in love.

My fiancé and I are getting married August 2013 in a Castle in Europe with our closest friends and family... it will be the most beautiful day of our lives.

My man is successful, well established, and that allows me to be a woman and live out my dreams of becoming a mother and freelance artist.

Shortly after we are going to plan a family... well more like add to our family of 4 dogs! haha.

Advice to other members:

This site allows you to create your own dating pool. You filter out what you don't want, and you specify exactly the type of person that you are compatible with... I just love it! I can't stop telling all of my girlfriends how to find a great guy... lose the club scene, and go on MM already!