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RubyRed1955 , Las Vegas, NV, United States , Mar 24, 2011
I am unemployed and have been for awhile. I have been a member in the past off and on. The reason I joined for one month is that I found someone for my daughter after searching for someone for myself. They are going to meet each other this week. I wish them both luck.

deepocean , Honolulu, HI, United States , Mar 23, 2011
This is my Thank You note for You at MM! I met someone on your site who totally feels like the ONE :) so we are both deleting our profiles from here and my other dating sites also! But before deleting my profile I just wanted to thank you very much for the very important service you provided! MM is by far the best dating site! I will definitely recommended MM! Warmest Mahalo! Aloha Nui Loa, Laura

flconnector , Mar 15, 2011
A good friend of mine told me about your website and wanted me to take a look at a few of the women he was interested in. I tried to sign on but found out I had to join in order to see the photos. In looking at the photos of some of the local women I came across a photo of a woman I recognized but then I couldn't find her photo a second time. Out of curiosity I wanted to see her photo again so I entered her demographics but at that point couldn't locate here face a second time. I signed off on my computer and kind of forgot about the website. Three days later I received an email from a completely different woman who apparently met the demographics of the person I was first looking for, and this new person was interested in me. At that time in my life, which was early January, I really wasn't interested in meeting anyone, certainly not a woman who was possibly looking for a serious relationship, and certainly not a woman close to my own age of 57, which were two of the demographics... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

If I had to give some tips I would suggest people should not have expectations. Be open to all possibilities. Sometimes you don't really know what or who it is that will make you happy. Take a chance and you might be very pleasantly surprised.

ecg1209 , Orange, CA, United States , Mar 10, 2011
I have met someone. Thanks!

Here is "my story". I first searched profiles in my area (within 100 miles). I then looked at all of the "recommended" profiles. In doing so, one had a birthday cake stating she had a recent birthday. That is really a nice feature. It helps break the ice. I sent her a birthday card with a simple, "Hope you had a happy birthday" message. I was happy to get a thank you in return. In my follow-up email I pointed out the card I sent had a cake and two wine glasses. I asked the birthday girl if she would like to toast those two glasses in person. She took a few days but responded, "yes." It took her about a week to actually arrange to meet, but we did and have been seeing each other since.

whereRu7477 , Mar 08, 2011
Yes, I have met someone very special on your site. Thank You, because of this site we were able to find each other across the many many miles.

It's a pretty good site.