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stef14177141 , Newyork, United States , Jan 06, 2013
I have met someone on here! He is amazing. This site is amazing! I've had incredible luck here. Thank you so much for creating this! I'm greatful to this site for my happiness!

Bruce , Newyork, United States , Jan 06, 2013
It is my desire to terminate my listing on at this time. I have met a significant other at this time through the site and plan to pursue this relationship. I certainly appreciate the professionalism of your site and the fact that it allowed me to meet someone when I had almost given up on Love.

Thank You,

jaybaby73 , Alpine, New Jersey, United States , Jan 02, 2013
Every morning when we wake up, we look at each other and just think..."I can't believe I found you!". We are soulmates in every sense of the word. We are best friends, mentors, and passionately in love.

My fiancé and I are getting married August 2013 in a Castle in Europe with our closest friends and family... it will be the most beautiful day of our lives.

My man is successful, well established, and that allows me to be a woman and live out my dreams of becoming a mother and freelance artist.

Shortly after we are going to plan a family... well more like add to our family of 4 dogs! haha.

Advice to other members:

This site allows you to create your own dating pool. You filter out what you don't want, and you specify exactly the type of person that you are compatible with... I just love it! I can't stop telling all of my girlfriends how to find a great guy... lose the club scene, and go on MM already!

ilovelucy62 , Palm Springs, CA, United States , Dec 13, 2012
Thank you very much for both my good friends they are both very nice men and I hope to have a long happy relationship with just one lucky guy. Thanks again You can stop emails.

legaleye , White Rock, BC, Canada , Dec 13, 2012
I'm currently speaking with one Gold Member right now. In our initial emails nearly 18 months ago and recent chats, we discovered that we share many of the same experiences and cultural backgrounds. It has taken a long time for both of us to find partners but we seemed to magically click instantly when we first wrote to one another despite the long distance.

I am here in White Rock, BC [West Coast] and he is based in Manchester, CT [East Coast]. We are making plans to see each other soon to spend some quality time together and he has even asked me to consider moving to CT - not only for work opportunities, but that he wants to catch up on the 50 years that he missed and have 50 plus more with me.

A very romantic statement to make, but feel very positive of my connection with him. We are discussing hiding our profiles from others to give our friendship and pending relationship some time to grow and flourish.

Good night and thanks for the advice.