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Thank you MM match!  (Dating)
Sexy0072011, Miami, FL, United States, Jun 18, 2013
I met him online one week ago. He lives in Florida, 2 hours away from me. He came
to visit me and my 2 kids with his daughters. We went to the beach and now are
planning a trip for the upcoming weekend.

It is all about being honest regarding who you are and sharing that with your
potential match, knowing what you are looking for and communicating what makes you
happy. If you both want the same things in a partner, you are compatible and a good
fit. I was very honest in my profile about who I am and the type of man that I am
looking for and he fits the bill. I guess I fit his bill, too!. It was also good to
talk to him a lot in the phone before meeting in order to get to know each other
better. So, I gave him my phone number and he called me. I don't really like
texting to replace old fashioned conversation. We talked a lot on the phone and
became friends first.

Thank you MM match. It was a great investment of my time... Read Full Story>>

Genius007Man, Aurora, CO, United States, Jun 02, 2013
I found her! Thank you! Great website...brought me my sweetheart of my dreams!!
This is not the normal CAUTIOUS way...I know, but I knew instantly that she was the one I have searched for for 50 years!
I met her on chat...and 3 days later I was in her city. I flew there, stayed in hotels...did it the proper respectful way---She is exactly what I have wanted...and FAR BEYOND in every way.
I am stunned and shocked to finally find the female of my all-time dreams. We are developing a romance like in the movie Notebook.
I will forever be thankful to MMatch...I knew I would find her on your site.

legato2012, United States, May 28, 2013
My problem - too many women !! I have selected one. We have met several times and now I am flying to Daniela in Austria - it was love at first sight. We met after only 2 weeks. We met at London Heathrow - and we could not keep our eyes off each other. I call her 3 days a day and speak to her at least 2 hours each day by phone.

We are both very romantic, and do it with a full moon. Today is also full moon, and we will meet and do a lot of kissing. I have contacted the Church, and are trying to select an engagement ring.


deb14314, England, United Kingdom, May 28, 2013
I met somebody on here. He is amazing!!! I will keep you updated. What an amazing website! I never thought I would find love until I came on here. Big thank you to everyone.

Your service is brilliant!


zoftig, Houston, United States, May 28, 2013
Mutually exclusive and I am in love with the most wonderful, kind caring sensitive man in the known or unknown universe. Someone I thank God for bringing into my life. Thank you for everything you do and I hope everyone on the site knows that you are changing lives with the work you do. Thank you again love and happiness.