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Live777LaughLove , Frisco, TX, United States , Jan 28, 2014
We were both on for 1 month. We e-mailed back and forth, then texted each other for a couple of weeks. We have had three awesome dates and both see ourselves with each other in the future. :)

malaysia2882 , Canada , Jan 23, 2014
I have found my woman. She and I will be marrying in Sydney, Australia. She chooses me and from there she replys to me and I reply back to her. She then asked for my skype address to chat further and we did just that. We continously chat on skype daily and we gradually get to know each other better. From there we click and found ourself agreeing and accepting each other. I then propose to her to Marrying me and she was so happy when I propose to her in Marrying me. So, she says "YES" to agree marrying me asap.

I must thank MM dating site for it. Your dating site is the best ever dating site. Besides, She is the most beautiful woman that ever came into my life. These is the best I ever wish for in my life. She is the most beautiful, most sexiest woman ever I have found in my life. I have always wish for thes dreams to come true and it is finally has and I thank GOD for it and also, not forgetting to thank all of you and these dating site of MM for it.

I will highly re... Read Full Story>>

KatieKay20013 , Carrollton, TX, United States , Jan 21, 2014
I have met a wonderful man on this website. It's absolutely amazing but in a short period of time we have agreed to an exclusive relationship. Thank you so much to MillionaireMatch!

True_Magic , Las Vegas, NV, United States , Jan 13, 2014
I meet my future husband! Suddenly :) We start to date, and I just don't want him think that I'm still looking. He is perfect for me, and I'm perfect for him. He is in love! I know we'll keep up! Thank you so much for opportunity to meet with my soulmate!

God bless!

Have a great day! :)

Fallon2013 , United States , Jan 07, 2014
Few weeks after being on the site he messages me via email. We chatted via email for bit than exchanged cell numbers and texted and chatted a bit. I would say three weeks or so of that we finally made plans to meet up and meet in person to see if there was chemistry if not not to waste our time. Too while meeting cause we both have busy schedules but it was a nice meet m greet simple chatting session in a place very public that I choose just in case. Lol After the initial meeting we contiued communicate and week later met for breakfast hung out than another week later met up again and another week later another hangout session but more intimate setting on his boat , and just continued naturally between us.

He has been out of town for couple weeks but we plan get together again this week.

Things are still in beginning stages but great stage. We both very into each other and excited see how it continues. He is amazing to me and true gentlemen.

We have only take... Read Full Story>>