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Amazing...  (Dating)
tvland and isaangel44, Boca Raton, FL, United States , Sep 08, 2009
It was a long journey, but what else are your options if you're a busy professional.

Cheryl is one in a gozillion, we're dating, lovers, and best friends to each. I've never worn a permagrin with such regularity, all due to this site. There are quality people here, persevere...

Advice to other members:

Treat it like the most important project of your life... As it is...

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sedelia10 and AtlantaAngel (sorry I put Angelicrealtor which is her email), Waipahu, HI, United States , Aug 31, 2009
My wife, Dana AKA AtlantaAngel, was a memeber of along with myself. We met on the internet 1/2005 and were married 10 months later on the beach in Hawaii, Thanksgiving weekend, November 26, 2006. I relocated to Atlanta to be with my bride, the love of my life!!! Thank you very much!!! Good luck to everyone!!!

Advice to other members:

Pray to God for guidance & be serious about using Always be honest and never give up on your hopes and dreams of finding your soul mate. I did and I thank God everyday that I did :-)

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BeautywBrains , Henderson, NV, United States , Apr 08, 2009
I have found the love of my life from this site!!! I had to go through a few others first, one of whom will be a life long friend, but I finally found the perfect man to spend the rest of my life with! I'll keep you posted on our progress!

I just wanted to update and let you know that the man that I met on your site on 11/10/08 asked me to be his wife on 3/29/09. I have attached a few photos for you!!!

Thank you so much for being the catalyst that allowed me to find the love of my life!!!

Deborah Ashton

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georgiagirl1577 , Glendale, AZ, United States , Sep 23, 2008
Love this website. Met quality people on here every time. First class all the way. I met my match on July 3rd and we live 9 miles apart. Very awesome for us. He signed off the website long before I did. He was Brian Masherellla. Thank you for our opportunity you provided us.

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IMNenigma and jdpdr62, in a place far, far away..., Tunis, Tunisia , Aug 28, 2008
Sometimes the elements of what makes a perfect match seem elusive and mysterious; it's chemistry, it's timing, it's compatible emotional and social intelligence; it's the willingness to embrace another person for themselves; and a desire to meet each other half way, at times. But when you find the right person everything just falls into place, the pieces all seem to fit and an entirely new world unfolds before you.

That's what has happened for us. With JDPDR living in Denmark and IMNenigma being an American living in Tunisia, we feel we would have never found one another if it had not been through MillionaireMatch and would have missed finding the love of our life -- and while that thought seemed a possibility only a month ago, it now strikes us as a completely and utterly proposerous thought... to not find THE love of our life.

Love came easy and natural for us. It seemed instantaneous and without doubt. We feel better than Blessed that he asked and she accepted.... Read Full Story>>