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I met my match!  (Dating)
lilsmalltowngal , Mount Shasta, CA, United States, Nov 13, 2014
I met my match! I no longer need the site. I was on this site for 12 days and I feel optimistic have met my match. We are both stopping our subscriptions tonight. Thank you!!

THANK YOU MM.  (Other)
SMH123 , Arizona, United States, Nov 04, 2014
I did meet one person I was interested in, I actually met him in person, but he lives in Beverly Hills and I'm not willing to relocate. While we are not going to date, I'm very grateful we met. THANK YOU MM.

JaseStar , Alberta, Canada, Oct 27, 2014
I met someone nice on your site that seems to be an interesting prospect for a future relationship. Like to see if it works out and goes somewhere. Might renew my subscription again in the future. Found your site to be a very effective way to meet nice people for dating. Just going to take a break for a little bit and see where my new relationship goes. Thanks millionaire match.

Funnyguy65 , Satellite Beach, FL, United States, Oct 25, 2014
I found Jessica's profile and was immediately VERY interested in her and I followed your techniques for gaining her attention. I also used my own ideas I had gained from experience by offering my phone number for her to "text" me when if she wanted to do so. She did and we texted and then spoke near the end of September and beginning of October for about a week and found we had much in common. We agreed to meet at JB's on the Beach in Deerfield Beach, FL on Saturday, October 4th.

The meeting was not only magical we found we felt as if we knew each other for years - we both felt the same way. BTW, Jessica was listed as "Recommended" to me by MillionaireMatch.com and I agreed with this from the start through now. We have since had 4 dates and speak and text constantly as we have both love and business interests in common. I believe we are soul mates and I think we will be together for the long term - we are both marriage minded. I will update you on future events.

CuteAsian2000 , Boston MA, United States, Oct 14, 2014
I was on and off searching for the right man here. I was a little hesitant to reactivate my membership but I am very happy I followed my mind. I met the man of my dreams and I thank you very much for this site. It s a dream come true! It works!

Victoriana Martel
Cute Asan2000 (SimpleSmartSexy)

Advice to other members:

Do not give up searching. You will find the right person here. Be honest and sincere about yourself. Do not be afraid to tell your likes and dislikes. Honesty is always the best policy! It is always good to observe who you are chatting (IM) with to see if he is very serious about knowing you. He will make the first move or you make the first move it does not matter who respond first. It is your total honesty that the other person will find out when you start chatting. Be sincre and honest with everything. He captured my heart!!! Because of my honesty, I capptured his heart! There is a saying that there is nothing that is hidden that will not be revealed later. It will come out or he will find out soon or later. So it is alway good to be honest at all times.
Victoriana Martel