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cooldidi , Miami Beach, United States

In one month, I met someone who was worth at least putting this on
hold. I have never had the opportunity to get to know someone in depth
before even meeting. I was abroad and couldn't meet him until now. I will
keep you updated. His profile was the second one on the first page of my
preferred matches, I joined for him, and it has been wonderfully magic
since. Thank-You, and hopefully, I won't need your services again.

scheherazade2008 , Greenwich, United States

i am leaving because I met somebody great on your site the very first
week and we are now in a committed relationship! He is an entrepreneur
and former CEO of a major company. I am a former managing director of a
major Wall Street investment bank who is working on a book project
called The Snowball that you will probably be hearing about come
publication time in 2008. He's amazing and I hope he becomes the love of my life.
(if not, you will probably see me back on this site!) In the meantime I
have made several other good friends here. It is tempting to stay on
just for the friendships, but I don't think Michael would like that ....
so ... thank you so much, and goodbye.

boss2004 , Melbourne, Australia

My departure from Millionaire Match was culminated by your site providing the introduction to the woman who has taken my breath away, and who i have fallen exquisitely and deeply in love with.
We all search for a soul mate, best friend, and lover, and so often fall short of such a trifector, but for the first time in my life i can say that i truly feel blessed to have found such a angel.
Our relationship evolved from the each others prolific interest in our individual profiles, and progressed through outpouring of constant emails to a comfort of meeting, which when it happened we both melted in each others arms, and from there we have been inseparable and continued to develop immense trust and respect as our love flourished.
We stand today after five months together, as couple who see a unbelievably wonderful future as partners, who have and will continue to fulfill each others dreams.
Whilst your site is a International site, it is hard to believe we lived withi... Read Full Story>>

TruSpirit , Sacramento, United States

Thank you, he is a woderful person, who I would never say anything bad about. I hold him very dear, and yes we are very close. We have an interesting relationship and understanding, especially with the tremendous distance. Anyway, we had an unusual gap in communication and I thought the worse. All is okay, he called me at home in California from Sauid early this morning, it turns out he was on business in Egypt and Jordan.

I love your site, have met many neat people here and still am. This will make you laugh, I was going to screen his viewers for him, eliminate those who I don't think fitting. This is what soul friends do for each other...lol.

Again, many thanks.


WLG2456 , Rosslyn, United States

I finally met the love of my life (and yes, it was on this site). She is the sexist, funniest, brightest, most sensual woman I have ever met, and I am looking forward to a lifetime of fun together. So, obviously, I have no further use for this site - hopefully for the rest of my life (unless she, of course, has one of her blond moments and dumps me - LOL).