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Onedergirl , Jacksonville, FL, United States, Sep 11, 2008
I sat on your website, as every lady should, without initiating contact with anyone...ever. I let them come to me. My partner sent me an email followed by about a week of email correspondence. I stopped responding to him when, after 4 or 5 emails, he did not make the next move (asking for my phone number or suggesting we meet). So I did nothing. About two weeks later, he sent me an instant message through your site saying he had been looking for me and inquired about my silence; I told him that I wasn't looking for a pen pal. And he immediately made plans to meet me. After our second meeting, he asked me for a commitment, at which time I thought it was appropriate to get off the site. And that's it. He is really wonderful and successful. :)

sugeshae , Culver City, CA, United States, Sep 02, 2008
I basically searched for men in my area. I had my eye on one guy and sent him a "hello". He immediately responded something like, "want to meet for coffee" and left his number. So in my head I'm already thinking this is him. I called him the next day and we made plans for Saturday. The funny thing is he invited me to his house and I went. I guess our phone chemistry had a lot to do with it. I called my girlfriend and gave her the address just in case. To make a long story short, I went over there that night. We hung out all weekend. It was pretty amazing. Since then we've been together everyday. We are expecting a baby in October. I couldn't be happier. We found love.

Actually the reason I joined was because of my best friend. She met a man and three months later they were engaged. By 7 months they were married. Now they are pregnant. I guess I need to thank MillionaireMatch for changing ours lives in a major way!! Thank you!!

CrystalLife , Saint Joseph, MI, United States, Sep 02, 2008
I created my profile on August 2nd. I cruised the profiles of men posted on your site. I found a few that appealed to me but only one really stood out. Instead of posting how hot he was and how perfect a woman he was seeking. He told a story of his beautiful little boy and how he saved him from a life of despair by pursuing full custody.

I emailed him of how touched I was with his story and told a similar story he could relate to of my own family. We started speaking right away, texting, talking and finally met. We spend 2 blissful days together and have decided to see one another exclusively. Those two days spent together were as if we had been doing so for years.

We honestly both feel the same way. Thanks a bunch!

angelaxo , Norwood, MA, United States, Aug 28, 2008
Met a wonderful man! our first telephone conversation and WE KNEW IT!!! everyone always says "you'll know when it's right". AND ITS A GREAT FEELING!

CAEasyGoing , Aug 24, 2008
He first included me as one of his favorites. I did the same. Then he wrote to me as a result because of the work I do and the children I am dedicated to helping. As one of the few people in the world that has successfully sued spammers, and using the money to help underwrite life saving medical procedures for children, he appreciated that and that set the stage for our meeting. Best wishes always, Tony