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Highlighter , Barrington, Canada
Hey, just to let you know that I love your site!!!!!, i've seen a wonderful lady and we are just talking now. On a serious note, there are some women on the blogs that are nothing but a bad publicity for you guys, they have nothing else to do than to sit and write insulting words to others.
Will become a full member on the first of jan for a full whole year. thanks for a great site.


4EverYoung , Midland, United States

A year and a half ago, I was just about to give up on Internet dating...although I had met several men that I have the highest respect for,none seemed to be real serious in persueing a long distance relationship.
A elationship with a guy that I had met on the Interest had just ended and I had gotten vry badly hurt....I told myself, this was the last
time that I would give Internet dating a chance, however, a few days later, I received and email from a gentlement and we began corresponding for a few months...We got together April 14th, 2005 and we are now getting married on the 19th of August.

I guess the old saying is true...Never give up trying. I met the most wonderful man I have ever know....thanks to you.

anonymous , Treasure Island, United States

I'd be happy to share. In fact, I know several friends have probably joined MM because of our success.

In a nutshell, L. was the 4th man I met in person from MM. All 4 men were gentlemen and interesting.

L. and I both are financially in great shape. He lives in San Diego/Jackson Hole and I split my time between Phoenix and Telluride. In spite of the distance, we've managed to be together about 50% of the time. We've made a commitment to be with only one another. He is probably the brightest, funniest man I've ever met and it would never have happened without the internet.

cooldidi , Miami Beach, United States

In one month, I met someone who was worth at least putting this on
hold. I have never had the opportunity to get to know someone in depth
before even meeting. I was abroad and couldn't meet him until now. I will
keep you updated. His profile was the second one on the first page of my
preferred matches, I joined for him, and it has been wonderfully magic
since. Thank-You, and hopefully, I won't need your services again.

scheherazade2008 , Greenwich, United States

i am leaving because I met somebody great on your site the very first
week and we are now in a committed relationship! He is an entrepreneur
and former CEO of a major company. I am a former managing director of a
major Wall Street investment bank who is working on a book project
called The Snowball that you will probably be hearing about come
publication time in 2008. He's amazing and I hope he becomes the love of my life.
(if not, you will probably see me back on this site!) In the meantime I
have made several other good friends here. It is tempting to stay on
just for the friendships, but I don't think Michael would like that ....
so ... thank you so much, and goodbye.