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Luvgdmd , Chula Vista, CA, United States , Apr 29, 2012
I just met someone from your site, and we hit it off unbelievably! We both feel like we could be the
one for each other and agreed to go off your site and hopefully permanately.

Valensia , Apr 27, 2012
I am right now in a relationship with a man from this site. We corresponded for about 3 weeks then we decided that we should meet. He flied with the airplane,we met in my city and went to a restaurant then I took him in a nice place for a long walk. Everything was great and still is.

Allyy3661 , Apr 25, 2012
This was the best site, of the sites I have used. I met a really nice man here ..we are still dating. I hope it will turn to something permanent in the future. Thank you

cottonbreeze901 , Eastman, GA, United States , Apr 23, 2012
I have met someone wonderful on this site thanks so much. I wish you all the good luck here. I will tell all my friends about this site.

Advice to other members:

This is a wonderful site to meet beautiful people.

Touria and RUCALNMPtVKHJwlRo, mUtXFJiHRCJfXdlat, United States , Apr 21, 2012
Aw, I LOVE it! I can't wait to see the rest. We had a great time this morning. You did a wonderful job getting Brooke to smile and stay focused yea Smarties.