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debradchanel and englishsteve, Chicago, IL, United States, Sep 13, 2006

Wonderful Site; allowed me to find
my Prince! We met for dinner and
have been together ever since and
looking forward to a bright and happy future together!!
Thanks Millionaire Match for your
quality site and service!!!


TruSpirit and JanFrenchman, Sacramento, CA, United States, Sep 13, 2006

My friend Jan the Dutch born, French CEO, turned worldy Saudi business man and I first met in early November of 2005. I had a lot of distractions then and wasn't really sure if he was that fond of me. In early August of 2006 I decided to come back to MM and found him online again. We discovered incredible connections, in many areas and have been enjoying it since. I have no idea where this will go, I can imagine many possibilities, but I am so happy to have found him here again. Mike was fun, Alex spiritual, both I consider friends at the right times in my life. Jan has captured my absolute attention. He is at the least, very dear to me. Thank you Jan for sharing with me in all the ways that you do.

KamasutraMan and wenf, Las Vegas, NV, United States, Sep 10, 2006

Thank you MM. We met on MM earlier this year ('06). He was from the West Coast and I was from Kentucky and we just had the most beautiful wedding in Hawaii. If you have the right intentions, you can find your true love on this site.

Kygrl1 , Merritt Island, FL, United States, Sep 08, 2006

I have met someone i just spent the weekend with. I live in Delaware and he lives in Virginia. I am going to virginia in a few hours. We talk and chat and text contsantly. We both know where its going. I cant ait to see him as he feels the same. I will post pics this weekend. I am so excited to see him and just kiss him again. I say hes the male version of me and i am the feamle version of him. We laugh alot!!!!!We definately have chemistry and a connection...in every sense.

SpunSugar and mrtexan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Aug 13, 2006

with love and appreciation for the individuals we both are.
For one year I have been on this amazing site, getting to know the other wonderful members, woman, whom I have met and remain friends with, and of course the men, the reason I was here. Hoping to find, "the one" man to share the rest of my life with.
My search, after the first e-mail contacts, the phone calls and the personal meetings, not only within North America, but Europe came to an end when on the last day of my preferred status, actually the very last hour, was coming to a close and I had decided not to renew my membership. As I was leaving a gentleman was arriving to join the preferred ranks. My photo and profile was the first one to appear during his initiation run through search. He liked what he saw and read, then immediately he sent me an e-mail, (fate? Perhaps. Meant to be? Quite possibly.). I replied. We ?talked? on the IM system. He took the initiative and phoned me. I phoned him. Back and forth un... Read Full Story>>