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intelligentblonde and OceanWave2002, Southampton/Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom, Aug 13, 2009
I met a man who is beyond amazing on your site. Absolutely beyond anything I could have dreamed of. We met a year ago tomorrow. We are now separating but the love we have for each other will never die....and the fact that I can feel this beautiful about our relationship right now kind of shows how far I have come in this year- he has changed my life. I think we both thought that this type of site would be full of crazy people, and neither of us are materialistic types....he was pushed into it by friends, and I was trying to get a lift by having someone take me out who didn't mind I was skint.....instead we got an amazing spiritual connection which will last a lifetime and beyond. Even though I have had a largely happy and love life up til now, and this hasn't ended in the fairytale way, this time has made me realise everything I have, and everything I will be- the most amazing and true love. Hell, maybe I will even use the site again- could there be another spiritual giant out there?!... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

If you are grateful for what you already have, and know exactly what you want and why- the universe might just put out for you!

Marianne and S¿ren, Fallsl Church, Virginia, United States, Jul 29, 2009
We lived on two different continents, started a dialogue, met finally on a
third continent, in our own home country and will never be apart again!
Thank You!
We winked both in Feb -09. After that NO activity from either party. (He
was in rural Africa with terrible Internet connection for months.)
Then on June 30th -09, back in Europe, he winked again. I replied with a
cocky "Surely you must have more to say than a wink!" And signed it with
my name and a "Waiting in anticipation".
He did, we exchanged a few emails that day and decided to meet two days
later. We did. A lunch that took 3,5 hours and people calling our cell
phones like crazy as we had other engagements (work related) that just had
to wait for us... We met the day after, for dinner, as soon as he had
landed at the airport after a day trip abroad for work reasons. This is now
just short of a month ago and we are WAY beyond certain that we are the
Love of o... Read Full Story>>

Moondog56 and Tru2Udear, Jul 21, 2009
The day my profile appeared online, I received several winks. One of them was from Phillip. I looked at his profile and thought why not wink back. That was late in November. We had nothing in common but we did start to e-mail each other. I am a recent widow and I didn't really think much about actually finding a partner for life. I did date a few other members of Millionaire. But Phillip and I kept writing to each other. We didn't meet until March as he lives almost 3 hours away.

We met on March 2 when Phillip decided to drive down to my town. We had planned to meet at the IHOP and if we hit it off, he would follow me back home. He was standing next to his van when I drove into the parking lot and he told me that he thought that I would see him and then just drive away, how wrong he was!

I got out of my car and we hugged Hello. We walked into the restaurant hand in hand. When we sat down, I knocked over my water glass; that was Phillip's first introduction to my clums... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

As for tips to other subscribers of Millionaire. I don't really have any wisdom to impart except this: always keep humor in your relationship and full disclosure. Truth, and open communication are ALWAYS essential elements. This served me and my late husband well in our 34 years of a happy marriage. We were best friends. Phillip and I are becoming best friends and friendship is the glue that bonds us with the tightest of seals.

Love  (Engaged)
Henderson66 and gsdboi, Las Vegas, NV, United States, Jun 20, 2009
I found the love of my life on your website. I never thought that i would have this feelings again... it is definitely a good match. I would also recommend millionairematch.com to my other friends. In this website you definitely get a professional group of people.

Akarnya2000 , Bradenton, FL, United States, May 31, 2009
I have met my match on Millionaire Match. Thank you so much for your wonderful service it really works. We just clicked in so many areas but mostly our philosophical and spiritual beliefs drew us together. It was so amazing to meet someone who gets you. We spoke on the phone for hours until the batteries died. Words can never express my gratitude for your wonderful service in bringing us together as he lives in AR and I am in FL. and we would have never met otherwise.