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peace43 , Burbank, CA, United States, Dec 01, 2007
I just would like to thank millionaire match for opportunity to meet a wonderful man we met and everything moved quickly. I was not a member a month, fantastic. Will keep you updated on our success.

CaptainCabo , Stevinson, CA, United States, Nov 22, 2007
Recently I was dating half a dozen beautiful woman from the internet. I was recieving a ton of mail from millionairematch and most of the woman I recieved mail from are just awesome. Millionaire match has always seemed to be a great place for higher more motivated collection of people. I was starting to feel depressed about the "internet speed dating experiences" that leave you deflated sometimes. Not everybody looks like their pictures, so you have to take a chance and meet them. It's ok to meet, and say well "Were just friends" because we have no chemistry. It's the chemistry that's so hard to find, but it's more than that...you want a soul mate especially if you want to be with someone a lifetime.

I was recieving ten emails a day and a couple of winks from Millionaire Match, but along with this site I was recieving 50 other emails from other sites. You figure the best chance is to spread yourself out, that way there's more opportunity. I realized early on the othe... Read Full Story>>

legalmaster , Warwick, RI, United States, Nov 18, 2007
After many years of dating women within my normal social circles I opened my horizons to explore the universe and the world of internet dating. At age 49 on MM I met the lifetime companion I knew existed but could never find. We are now married for two years, and on October 4, 2007 our son, a bundle of happiness, was born. All of our lives have been dramatically enhanced due to two people who opened there eyes that the world is bigger than our backyards. From me, my wife, and baby Stephen your site was the common denominated that made our future happiness possible.

Thank you

Tempest18 , Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Jan 06, 2006

I've been dating for years on various sites. It takes a long time to find someone special I never thought I would find the woman of my dreams. Who would have ever thought it would have been on this site. I must thank you.
She is not only beautiful on the outside but beautiful on the inside as well. I don't remember being able to laugh uncontrollably with anyone like this.It has been a true pleasure meeting her. We have been dating for almost three monthes now and I look forward to the next thr

soosoo1980 , Snohomish, WA, United States, Dec 29, 2005

I just wanted to take the time to post a note to everyone that put this site togethor.
How do i say thank you for helping me find the love of my life????
Ive come from across the world to a land of millllions to find one that made everybody else fade away (no offence). The funny thing is, i didnt even know i was looking for him.
I wish everyone an abundance of luck in your individual quests to find what you are looking for.
Again the most sincerest thank you.
Be patient, theres someone ou