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1uvthatjuicy , Northridge, CA, United States, Mar 31, 2009
My partner (who is now my boyfriend!) found me on the site. It started off very casual with emails. "Pauvere" and I had no expectations in the beginning but couldn't control the friendship that was building. Months later we were communicating every chance we got! 7 calls a day, 20 text messages, and emails became a normal routine. Currently, we are planning to move in together and marriage is in our near future!
Thanks Millionaire Match!

enna50t and manself1, Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States, Mar 06, 2009
I can not believe that after ten years of surging I found the love of my life.I never but much marred to astrology sign's.But we both are Aries,and are so smilier,we are like to parallel life's in to one.Were I leave off,he picks up,and vise verse.Thank you for the time I had on this wonderful dating site.While I was waiting to find the right man.I was able to find inside,"Of my self", through your Blog's.If I would not have found someone,I would still stay a member, just for all the people that but up there Blog's.Much success,and happiness to all that are surging.Give it time and it will happen.As they say,"Rome was not build over night",and that goes for LOVE.

Advice to other members:

Don't give up,leave your pride at the door.Use your mind,but don't ignore your heart.

Kate91362 , Jan 08, 2009
First, a great photo from a professional photographer is the number one criteria. After that, giving a great deal of thought, even meditating on what a person is truly looking for and hoping to attract and get from this site. I was very clear that I wanted a man of "intelligence and a wicked sense of humor" and that I would prefer a doctor or man of science with an advanced degree.

After that, I did not respond to winks, I only responded to emails that had content. They had to mention my profile and what in particular made them want to write. Then I read their profile and IF I was interested, I replied. Then, you must talk on the phone and arrange to meet to determine if you can go further. Sometimes the tone of voice is a huge indication that you won't be compatible. After these items; photo, clarity of intent, email, phone and meeting in person, there is a lot of communication. In our first meeting I followed Alison Armstrong's advice and just stated that I was loo... Read Full Story>>

Lovebeingawoman , Vancouver, WA, United States, Oct 26, 2008
Found him through your advanced search engine. I made the first contact
(a little wink) and it has gone from there...It is looking good for us... we found each other here and can hardly believe we did. Will keep you posted on our success. Thank you for helping us find each other.


dudeofman , Playa del Rey, CA, United States, Oct 09, 2008
Found a great,sexy girl. We're going out regularly now. Don't need the site anymore but thanks for hooking us up :). I saw her profile, emailed her and she replied. She was living in Seattle, but moving to L.A. to be closer to her Mom and we met for dinner in Venice right after she moved...been having a great time together ever since.
Thanks again,