Luxury Yachting Clothes for Men

Luxury Yachting Clothes for Men
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Yachting clothes are essential for the busy jet-setter who needs to be comfortable while in transit and be able to add a jacket for evenings in the world’s most elegant yacht clubs and hot spots, with little fuss. Of course, sailing yachts versus powered yachts require slightly different clothing. For either type of yacht, it is as much about the appearance, as it is about functionality of the clothes. To keep your cool when out on the high sea,  it’s important to have a variety of clothing that can maintain its crisp appearance under all weather conditions, sports and social events.

Although there are more designers who make yachting-ware for men, we selected our favorites based on their versatility and popularity among the rich and famous. Wear a striped Breton shirt during the day and add one of the stylish jackets at night and you’ll even be ready to stop in Monaco, Cannes or any of your favorite hot spots along your glamorous route.

Many of the high-end boating fashions for men are designed and made in Europe, much like fashion in other categories. Take a look at our selections and be prepared because if you are a man, you will want to own many of these chic and classy garments. Of course, if you are a woman reader, you may already have taken out your credit card. Being seen with a man in these clothes on a yacht, spells success and adventure on the high seas.

1. Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garcons – Deconstructed Jacket

This is not an inexpensive jacket, however it is as refined and classic as it comes. Junya Watanabe does it again with a design that is understated, yet demonstrates excellent taste and style. The wool-silk blend material looks almost linen-like. The innovative grey panels around the cuffs and hem take it out of the realm of ordinary and put it into the latest in fashion for men. As you can see from the photo on the right, jackets paired with nautical-ware work together perfectly.


2. St. James Nautical Ware

Saint James is another excellent clothing designer that has a complete line for the upscale “boater”. From lightweight sweaters to t-shirts, polos, pants and shorts, this designer has it all.  The Breton Fisherman Sweater is featured in this photo and is actually less than $200, which is reasonable by almost anyone’s standards. Saint James has been offering high-end nautical clothing for over 150 years and is still located in the small village of Saint James, France since it was founded.


3. J. Crew’s Fabulous Yacht-ware

Not the most expensive, but one of the most trustworthy and traditional brands for Ivy League boating and outdoor clothing. J. Crew knows how to provide all the right pieces for the layered look which is the perfect preparation for the changing weather and locations on your yacht. One minute, you might be outside in the warm sun, minutes later in the air-conditioned cabin and a bit later you may elect to stop at one of your favorite yacht clubs for lunch, where the temperature is different yet again.


4. Musto Mac with Technical Update

This incredible looking jacket is referred to as the Mac with new technical details. It’s updated, yet still offers the clean lines we have grown to love. The best part: it is made with a 3-layer fabric that is showerproof, breathable and has a water repellent finish. It’s a classy design that is accessorized with high-tech details. The cuffs and placket are bonded and the buttons are rubberized, so you have the best of both worlds of fashion and function.


5. Henri Lloyd’s Breton Shirts

The Breton shirt, is a nautical must-have. It’s been around since it became the unofficial attire of French fisherman, many years ago. The great thing about this style is that it is loose-fitting and can fit most male bodies and still look good. Dress it up with a scarf or jacket or wear it alone during the day and you will always feel appropriately dressed. Henri Lloyd’s designers and manufacturing plant, which is located in Brittany, France, is always coming out with new designs, such as their new line of polo shirts and boating shoes.

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