World’s Fastest Mega yachts

World’s Fastest Mega yachts

When you think about mega or super yachts, speed isn’t generally something that comes to mind. Yet, some of our millionaires love a speedy yacht so they can get to their next hot spot and lounge in the splendor of some of the finest marinas in the world. It’s the aquatic version of jet-setting, n’est-ce pas?

But building a fast power yacht that often includes over 5,000 square-feet of fully furnished living space, a garage that carries water sports equipment and more than five people, is not an easy feat. It takes ingenuity and the design of a naval architect who understands how to make all of the pieces as light and sturdy as possible. After all, on a megayacht, comfort is as much or more a priority than speed. The whole idea of owning one of these floating mansions is to travel in the style to which one is accustomed. The designers and builders of the fastest yachts in the world definitely have their work cut out for them and it is the precise combination of aerodynamic parts, light but solid materials and ultra powerful propulsion that makes it all possible.

Although sailboat yacht racing is more common, power yacht races do exist and are held in spectacular parts of the globe, such as: Croatia, Australia, Italy and Tasmania. Although the world’s speediest yachts have won their titles fairly, it is only a matter of time before the next bigger and better vessel is created. All three of these megayachts are custom-designed, built and decorated for their original owners. It’s quite likely any future buyers would wind up very satisfied owners.

World is Not Enough: 70 knots

This 140-foot luxury yacht is the fastest yacht in the world. It can accelerate up to 70 knots, which for this size is amazing. The goal of the designer and manufacturer was to build a super yacht that could maintain luxurious comfort at high speeds… and it does not disappoint. It has triple waterjets for propulsion, 20,600 horsepower and an aluminum  structure, which all add up to speed.

The interior was designed with the highest quality materials and fabrics down to every nano-detail as each of the spectacular rooms, bathrooms and cabins are spectacular. There is a formal dining room, a lush master cabin and bathroom, a party-sized lounging area, a full-sized kitchen with island and nine guest cabins.

The World is Not Enough was built by Millenium SuperYachts in 2004 and designed by Frank Mulder, a Dutch naval architect. Two extremely successful U.S. millionaires, John Staluppi and John Rosatti were the brains behind its production.  Sorry, ladies, these two gentlemen are already taken.

Fortuna: 65 knots

This luxury liner is actually fit for a king, because it was built for one – King Juan Carlos of Spain, who is known for his love for speed, was gifted this yacht by a group of Balearic Islands businessmen. Although a splendid gift,  the king only kept it for for his personal use for three years. Ultimately, he elected to give it to the state. Evidently, he was not comfortable with the amount it was costing the taxpayers for the mooring, crew  and maintenance.

Great king, great boat. Although, it is a bit smaller and slower than World is Not Enough, it is just as admired and desirable. This yacht took the title of being the fastest after reaching 68 knots not long after it was built. Naval architects, Donald Blount and Tommaso Spadolini were responsible for the magnificent design and the yacht’s power comes from the MAN-BAZAN/Rolls-Royce engines. She can comfortably accommodate up to eight guests with additional room for a six-man crew.

Alamshar: 65 knots

The Alamshar is a $200 million yacht that was commissioned for the Aga Khan. It was intended to break the transatlantic speed record but did not make it on its first outing on the sea. Because of that, it took much longer to build, but once completed gained ranking as one of the fastest mega yachts in the world. This is the newest of the three and was built with a high level of secrecy. We think it’s because of its state-of-the-art gas turbines or it could be due to its one-of-a-kind propulsion system. Designed by naval architect Don Shead with interior by Bannenberg Designs Ltd.,  the Alamshar’s luxurious interior can be credited to Redman Whiteley Dixon.


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