What Your Luxury Watch Says About You

What Your Luxury Watch Says About You

Luxury Watch, like luxury car, is an extention of a person’s personality. Whether you are wearing a Rolex, Hublot, Patek Philippe, HermesLouis Moinet Meteoris or other luxury watches, I believe you have your own reason when you buy it.


You’ve spent most of your adult years in western Europe, and travel as often as possible. You prefer rugby and polo instead of basketball and baseball.


TAG Heuer

You’re an athlete of sorts – likely tennis, cycling or auto racing. You live an extremely active life and enjoy spending time outdoors.



You have a lot of money to spend, but you’re still fiscally conservative. You’re a bit of a workaholic, but you love what you do.



You are a firm believer in quality over quantity. When you shop, you’d rather spend $500 on one well-tailored shirt instead of several smaller items.


Patek Philippe

You love all things vintage, and you don’t mind dropping cash on a one-of-a-kind luxury item. You’ve been an old soul since you were a teenager.


Louis Moinet

You have a very large collection of watches – all very high-end, of course. You have a different watch for almost any outfit in your closet.



You consider yourself a Francophile, and have probably lived in France at least once in your adult life. You love classic, simple fashion looks.



You believe in “less is more”, and you follow that mindset in everything you do. You favor a softer look in general, and have a personal tailor on-call.



 You love adventure – whether it be base jumping, snowboarding or hang-gliding. You likely have your pilot’s license and love to take your Cessna out on a clear day.



You’re fascinated with detail when it comes to style. You spend hours getting ready every day because you accessorize impeccably.


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