Warren Buffet’s Properties

Warren Buffet’s Properties

Warren Buffet is one of the most magnanimous and world-friendly billionaires that ever lived. With his pledge to donate 99 percent of his wealth to charity, he has gained deep respect from the masses. He is practical, reliable and as down-to-earth as a person can be. When you see his somewhat modest properties, it becomes clear this financial wizard, who is aptly dubbed the Wizard of Omaha, is not interested in owning more than he can use.

Mr. Buffet started as a salesman in 1951 and by 2008 he became the richest person in he United States. At this point, it is not clear whether he comes in first, second or third in the world – but let’s just say his wealth is estimated at $59 billion. His company, Berkshire Hathaway, occupies only one floor of an office building in Omaha, Nebraska, even though it owns around 600 companies. He does not own a computer and rarely uses one. He is said not to use a calculator or stock ticker either – yet he is considered one of the most savvy business experts in the world. Amazing.

We wanted to show you the ostentatious lifestyle of this man, but the truth is he actually lives quite practically and currently owns only one home, the one he purchased in 1958. His former vacation home in Laguna Hills, California was sold a couple years ago, so that is old news.

Take a peek at the modest properties of this one-of-a-kind billionaire, include his home, plane and auto. He owns no yacht, no submarine and does not have an entourage trailing his every move.

1. Omaha, Nebraska Estate

This Omaha, Nebraska home was purchased in 1958 for $31,500. It’s approximately 6,000 square feet and that includes the additions he made to the original structure. In case you didn’t know, a residence that is less than 10,000 square feet is not considered to be a mansion, therefore Buffett’s is a extra-large house. You can see by the aerial view the house is on a decent sized property. There have not been an extraordinary amount of photographs taken of this house, as not only is Buffet a private person – he is not the glitz and glamour the paparazzi stalk.

2.  Home Sweet Home

The Omaha home was appraised at $700,000 in 2003, yet its property taxes are still quite low – almost $1,400 per year. Remember, the purchase price was around $32,000 in 1958. Isn’t this a living example of Buffet’s philosophies? Some people call him a cheapskate, however, in listening to his views they are practical and make sense. His personal values reflect his solid upbringing and he does not believe money equals happiness. In fact, he was cited as saying he doesn’t feel like he pays enough in taxes. How often do we hear anything like that from the world’s millionaires and billionaires.

3. Private Jet

Well, a billionaire has to own a few practical things, even if he lives a fairly low-key life. A private jet is one of those seriously functionall items, particularly when the owner is engaged in constant business travel. Mr. Buffet bought the Bombardier Challenger 600 years ago and called it “The Indefensible”.  A while later, he changed the name to “The Indispensable” as he realized that it had become a invaluable business tool. He enjoyed the experience so much he bought NetJets, the company, where a businessperson can plan their itinerary online in seconds or consider fractional ownership. Buffet’s recommendation about purchasing anything of substance, is to make sure it is income-earning. So that’s what he did. He no longer owns the one jet for personal use, he is fractional owner. Here is a man who walks his own talk.

4. Buffett’s Car – 2006 Cadillac DTS

Once again, Warren is not flaunting his wealth. No chauffeur, no Rolls Royce, no hot-off-the-line cars for this billionaire. In fact, he bought this 2006 Cadillac DTS after selling his 2001 Lincoln Town Car to raise funds for Girls Inc. He still owns the “new” auto, for which he paid around $42,000. Rumor has it that Buffet bought the 2006 Cadillac to support the General Motors company, which was failing at the time.

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