Top 5 Florists in Los Angeles (LA)

Top 5 Florists in Los Angeles (LA)

Part of the dating rituals is buying gifts for the woman you’re wooing. Flowers, chocolates and jewelry are all wonderful presents that will be sure to please. However, what’s better than sending a woman flowers unexpectedly? Not much. Every woman will admit that being sent flowers to her work or her home is an unanticipated surprise that brings delight. Getting sent flowers without expecting it makes you feel like you’re special, it’s also really fun to see the looks of jealousy on others faces…

Calling all Los Angeles daters: These are the top florists in Los Angeles (LA) who make beautiful bouquets for that special someone. Do it because you think she’s beautiful, do it because you want to make her smile and do it because you want to let her know you think she’s extraordinary.

Ezai Floral Design

Ezai Floral Design is known for their superior arrangements. It is one of the top 5 florists in Los Angeles (LA). Designs feature traditional flowers such as roses, orchids and calla lilies. Ezai also adds unusual accents such as bamboo or citrus to create a unique design suited to each individual! For a beautiful, feminine arrangement, try the Madison Pink, a stunning collection of vivid colors and lush florals.

Fleurs Du Jour

Fleurs Du Jour creates hip and modern floral arrangements utilizing distinctive vases and creative placement. Flowers include sunflowers, sweet pea, dahlias, orchids and much more. What’s great about Fleurs Du Jour is that you can pick arrangements by color, flower or occasion. You can also create a customized order. For a truly unique arrangement, pick the Modern Orchids, which feature beautiful white orchids spilling out of circular glass vase.

Sonny Alexander Flowers

Sonny Alexander Flowers creates spectacular arrangements using bright colors, unique accents such as bear grass and non-traditional vases. They have a wide selection featuring tropical flowers, plants, silk arrangements and even candles! What’s also great about ordering here is that for some arrangements, you can add a box of chocolates. Talk about convenient! For a chic and modern arrangement, select the Moonlight, which features deep plum Vanda orchids, purple dutch hydrangeas, and lavender ranunculus blossoms.

La Fleur by Tracy

La Fleur by Tracy fashions beautiful and lush arrangements with feminine and romantic designs. Arrangements are available in categories such as love, roses and everyday. La Fleur by Tracy also creates artistic arrangements with cacti, trees and orchids. However, La Fleur seems to truly specialize in weddings. La Fleur by Tracy creates stunning centerpieces, decorates walkways with scattered rose petals and crafts gorgeous florals for arches. Whatever arrangement you choose is sure to impress!

The Hidden Garden

The Hidden Garden is a not so hidden gem in the floral game. Famous clients include Hotel Bel Air and Tiffany & Co. They create bold arrangements with rich colors and a lush selection of fresh flowers. Arrangements are assorted by cheerful, soft & sweet, pure & tranquil, chic & modern and rich romance. Cheerful features a bright assortment of colors while soft & sweet features delicate creations that are so beautiful, you’d be afraid to touch them. Wedding arrangements also range from enchanted bliss, rustic chic, intimate affair and much more.


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