Top 10 Sexiest Perfumes to Attract the Opposite Sex

Top 10 Sexiest Perfumes to Attract the Opposite Sex
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Scent is one of the most evocative senses we possess. Your favorite scent can bring you back to childhood or have you relive a favorite memory. Scent is also one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs.

Ladies, if you want to attract a man, you should wear lavender, cinnamon or vanilla. The scents of vanilla and cinnamon are feminine scents that evoke warmth. Lavender has a very relaxing quality to it and is also known to combat impotency!

Gentleman, to attract women, you should wear colognes featuring sandalwood, leather or citrus. Sandalwood has a spicy essence to it, which is intriguing. Leather adds a masculine quality, while citrus adds a fresh, clean scent that appeals to virtually everyone.

MillionaireMatch decided to compile a list of the top 10 sexiest perfumes you can wear to attract your potential mate! As always, ladies first.


Top 5 perfumes for women

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1. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb – While this perfume is floral, featuring scents such as Centifolia Rose, Cattleya Orchid and Ballerina Freesia, the perfume has an evocative sexual quality to it. The patchouli adds a sexy and intriguing air to this scent. Flowerbomb will guarantee you a second date.

2. Gucci Guilty – Like Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb, Gucci Guilty is a floral/oriental mixture. Unlike Flowerbomb, Guilty has a sexy, yet dangerous air. Notes such as black pepper, amber and peach give this perfume a sweet but daring sensuality. Gucci Guilty is what you should wear when you’re feeling at your sexiest. Add slinky black leather boots, if you dare.

3. Calvin Klein Euphoria – Euphoria is a sexy scent that is sure to catch a man’s attention! This fragrance is a combination of seductive florals such as black orchid and lotus blossom mixed with fruity scents such as pomegranate and persimmon. The finished result creates a perfume that is a rich, seductive and chic scent. Euphoria is great to wear when you’re out, it’s seductive scent will single you out in the crowd.

4. Dolce and Gabbana Rose the One – Rose the One is an elegant, floral perfume with a tantalizing sensuality. Notes of Bulgarian rose, peach, vanilla and amber musk give this perfume a unique twist on the classic rose scent. This is a unique and subtle scent for the women with a classic sense of style. Pair this perfume with pearls and silk to compliment this elegant fragrance.

5.  Jean Paul Gaultier Classique X – Classique X is a sweet combination of florals and woody notes. Scents like orange blossom, cedarwood and iris give this perfume a fresh and sexy scent. Classique X will make any woman feel instantly more flirtatious and feminine with notes like vanilla and bergamot.  Spritz a bit of this perfume on your hair and put on a flirty sundress. Sex kitten pink lips don’t hurt either.


Top 5 colognes for men

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1.  Tom Ford Extreme –  Extreme is a complex blend of scents with a very luxurious feel. Notes like thai basil, black fig, caramel and amber give this cologne a sensual, fresh and intense vibe. Black plum, saffron and thyme only add to the complexity of this cologne. The man who wears this cologne must be ready for women to pounce because this cologne is too seductive for it’s own good.

2.  John Varvatos Vintage – Vintage is a smooth, masculine cologne with a core of spice. Silver absinthe, fir balsam, cubeb peppers and tobacco leaf give this cologne a distinctive and unforgettable note. An intoxicating blend of cinnamon tree leaves, white lavender and juniper berries give the cologne a lush floral but spicy scent. Vintage will make you feel like Marlon Brando, cigar is optional.

3. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male – Le Male is a classic scent for most men and for a good reason! Le Male is a fresh, sexy, masculine cologne for the multi-faceted man. Notes of wood, musk and amber combined with orange blossom and cinnamon give this scent a fresh and warm masculine energy.  Pair Le Male with a clean, crisp white t-shirt, that’s all you need for this fresh and sensual cologne.

4. Calvin Klein Euphoria Men – Euphoria men is an intense and addictive cologne. This is a cologne for a man who gives into his desires, who doesn’t take no for an answer. The notes of ginger pepper cocktail and black basil combined with the warmth of Brazilian redwood and amber give this cologne a warm, powerful scent that is sure to bring confidence to any man.

5.  Givenchy Play Intense – Play Intense is a daring and intense cologne. Notes like amyris wood, mandarin orange, tonka bean and patchouli create a warm and sexy scent. The unique blend of this cologne evokes a modern but ultimately timeless feel. Play Intense is for the man who likes to have fun. Wear it on date night to ensure a close encounter.

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