Metal Beat: The Luster of Luxury

Metal Beat: The Luster of Luxury
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Tens of thousands of years ago, ever since humankind noticed something sparkling under the dancing water of a rolling stream, bent down and picked up a shining golden nugget and cherished it for the miracle of its natural splendor, exquisite brilliance and mystical properties has gold and precious metals held a deep fascination for us all.

The top fashion designers of today have the same reverence for gold and other treasured metals as our pre-historic ancestors. Let’s explore together and excavate the finest gold, silver and valuable metals being offered in the luxury fashion market today. No need to get a shovel, I’ve done the digging for you.


The most innovative concept in heavy metal? Using his animal instincts, Burberry designer Christopher Bailey has taken the ever popular animal print to another level of luxury by crafting the leopard’s spots into golden metal shapes. Embellished with bold metal in animal hide markings, this soft suede camel coat is outerwear at its most opulent.

Price: $19,630.00.


Here is one instance when getting the cold shoulder is a positive thing; the slinky and sensuous stretch gold lameone shouldered dress by Lanvin. An asymmetric symphony of draped splendor. This lovely creation will certainly make you shine.

Price: $2995.00.


Possibly the most extravagant pair of platforms on anyone’s radar, Dolce & Gabbana’s gold metal cage sandals. Featured in the D&G Fall 2013 runway show, these incredible shoes are crafted with gold metallic leather and embellished with sweet pink and red roses. Velvet insoles cushion the 6 inch platforms. These stunners will lift you to new heights of golden glamour.

Price: $6900.00.


Where to keep your lipstick and keys to the gold Bugatti Veyron?  Your Valentino gold metal minaudiere clutch, of course! This elegant gold stud covered box evening bag features hinged sides, a top clasp and a slender chain link shoulder strap.

Price: $4945.00.


Once again, Burberry Prorsum pulls out all the stops and gives us the ultimate modern LBD. With a restrained silhouette and sophisticated lines, this black crepe sleeveless dress balances its simplicity with a fabulous, shining, gold metal collar. When your business advisor recommends investing in gold, this is what he’s talking about.

Price: $2796.00.


Luxury jewelry designer of the moment, Shaun Leane, knows how to take metal ore and create magic. This jewelry artist, who has won many international awards, including the U.K. Jewelry Designer of the Year on four separate occasions, proves why he is designer to the stars. Handcrafted from 18 karat white gold, the Maybell cuff bracelet is beyond sublime. Heavenly, tiny maybell flowers are elegant drops of nature encrusted in diamonds. An exquisite example of mastery of materials in the art of goldsmithing.

Price: $24,373.00.


Men deserve just as much bling as the ladies. To prove that statement, the Cartier Men’s Tank MC Skeleton watch. A magnificent example of blending high technology and exceptional materials, the design is based on the classics with a totally modern twist. The see-through skeleton is fashioned out of Roman numerals. Handcrafted out of pure Palladium, from the Platinum group of metals, this watch has a sapphire crystal, 18 karat gold DADB movement and a black alligator skin strap. Water resistant to 100 feet if you dare!

Price: $53,200.00.


In our ode to the metal beat, some of our fabulous fashion finds flash just a subtle dash of brilliant gold. In an understated, super chic design, Balmain black leather high waisted shorts, quilted on the sides, with tough love gold metal hardware. The gold buttons on the front complement the gold embossed logo buckle cinching the back.

Price: $3985.00.


While we would like to be covered head to toe in luxe, stylish designer metal looks, the most common gold item for most of us would be earrings. In a most uncommon design, Boaz Kashi harkens back to the stone age with these gorgeous 21 karat gold hand hammered Extreme earrings. Set with the tiniest turquoise stones as a contrast to the rich, textured gold; the rough, irregular, raised surface of these glorious earrings look as if they were just unearthedfrom an ancient pre-historic archeological site. And maybe they were.

Price: $3190.00.


Ten thousand years later, we still love what’s shiny and bright. Ever wonder what the Neanderthal word for ‘bling’ was?


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