The Future of Home Entertainment

The Future of Home Entertainment
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It is crystal clear that the future of home entertaining is not just what the device can do, but how visually pleasing it is to the eye, and how it can create sensory experiences while blending beautifully with decor.  Here are some products that demonstrate how technology and design are being integrated into high-end home entertaining, and what to invest in 2014.

Transparent TVs

Glassy OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) televisions are made by placing thin films of organic (carbon based) materials between two conductors which run over the transparent material. The result is faster refresh rates, better contrast, better color reproduction and better viewing from all angles. As well as looking like a piece of clear art when switched off the OLED materials is energy efficient and do not require a backlight (unlike LCDs).

One version of the OLED introduced into the market in 2013 was a transparent TV designed by Michael Friebe.  It combines conventional LCD and the latest OLED display technology to create non-transparent / solid moving pictures. However, it does have a distracting metal stand which is not as slick as the 100% glass version expected to come out later this year.

Smaller version of Michael Friebe can be as little as $500 but for larger screens expect to pay around $5000.

Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

This is a projector that sits on the floor and fires images upwards across your wall, turning your entire room into a massive 147-inch 4K screen.  Minimalist in design, it looks like a piece of futuristic art when turned off but when it comes on it fills the entire space with a true theater-quality visual and audio.

Consider projecting changeable art across a wall on a daily basis to fit your mood or activity or creating an entirely new atmosphere when entertaining.

Sony’s Ultra HD movie machine should be released later this year but so far no price is available.

Bang & Olufsen, Beo Sound

The BeoSound is a simple dial like gadget with the B&O minimalist aesthetics in white and silver. The dial sits on the wall or on a portable card to control any music device in your house from a central point.

While the dial may seem magic it actually manipulating a hidden box that is wired to your speakers and communicating wirelessly with all your music and Wi-Fi sources; smartphones, tablets or PC.  This device costs around $1500.

Emperor 1510 Gaming Environment

The Emperor 1510 is a futuristic looking integrated home office computer or gaming environment with less visual aesthetics than the other devices mentioned here- until you actually sit down in its ergonomic design and turn it on. Then you are immersed in a 3D style world with the optimum sensory experience.

It consists of a stable steel structure which tilts effortlessly. It has a specialized space for your computer or monitor, includes integrated Bose 2.1 sound, low energy output from its inbuilt led lighting and every conceivable connection option.

It is not just for gamers but for creative types such as movie technicians who want to feel that they are inside their cyber works. Expect to pay around $6000 not including your computer and other devices that you will add.


Millionaires club: find a millionaire

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