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Super Yachts
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When talking modern day ‘superyachts‘ some will cite massive status symbols like the Eclipse which valued at around $465m, measures a massive 528 ft.  and has facilities for 70 staff, 24 lavish guest’s rooms and has a 56 ft. private deck for the owner. It also boasts a 16m swimming pool that transform into a dance floor, three helicopters, two helipads and a submarine. However, this extraordinary vessel commissioned by Russian billionaire Roman Abromovichin Blohm + Voss yard in Hamburg is far too big for sails and instead uses a high-tech diesel-electric propulsion system to cruise. So should it be classified as a yacht or cruiser?

Old school thinking is that part of the pleasure of a boat is the wind in the sails and that perhaps it`s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean that matters most. In any case, it is possible to have the best of both worlds. Here is a look at some of the world most wonderful privately owned sail boats that harness the wind and skills of their owner.


The Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon is a three-masted schooner measuring over 320 ft. with whopping 7,220 square feet of sails that are stored ingenuously within the mast and set up by extending outwards along the yards using an automated control device. The yacht has surpassed 24 knots under sail.

The interior were created by Ken Freivokh in a mixture of clean industrial chic that mirrors the long lines of the open sea. It was commissioned by the American venture capitalist Tom Perkins, and is now owned by Elena Ambrosiadou.


The Eos is a three-masted Bermuda rigged schooner measuring approximately 305 ft. and with a three 200ft high masts, which dominates the skyline wherever it goes. Owned by movie and media mogul Barry Diller, who is the husband of fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg, it was  built by Lürssen in German. As you would expect the interiors are super stylish and were created by François Catroux including a figurehead of Von Fürstenberg sculpted by Anh Duong.

There is some debate as to which is the largest sail power yacht on the planet.  The Eos is longer overall than the Falcon by around 16ft, but some of Eos’ length comes from the bowsprit pole that extend from the prow at the front of the boat. The Falcon is said to be 14ft longer on deck and more than 20ft longer at the waterline, but Eos is slightly higher at the beam.


The Athena

Athena is a clipper-bowed three masted gaff rigged schooner that although half the size of the Falcon and Eos is still one of the most lavish and beautiful yachts on the high seas.   It was built in 2004 by the Royal Huisman Shipyard in Holland. to reflect the 1930s style of the Golden Age of yachting , when the likes of Jack Kennedy was teaching his sons JF and Teddy to sail off the coast of the Hamptons or around Margaret’s Vineyard.  This gorgeous yacht was commissioned by American Internet entrepreneur James H. Clark.

The yachts elegant panelled interiors were designed by Beeldsnijder and Bradley to match the sporty classic exteriors. There is a saloon and dining room on the main deck and a sky lounge on the upper deck. The 1,080-tonne yacht may be inspired by the past but state-of-the-art sailing and internal systems have been put into her engineering and she reaches 19 knots under sail.

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Millionaires club: find a millionaire

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