Most Expensive Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

Most Expensive Vera Wang Wedding Dresses
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Vera Wang‘s name has long been famous for being ‘the quintessential wedding dress’ designer. She is a master at using fabrics, appliques and colors in new and interesting ways to produce her ultimate and highly sought-after wedding gowns. Her wedding gown collections are often named after high-powered women in history, such as: Audrey, Eliza, Lillian and Delilah. There are several variations within each collection – which allows every bride to feel her dress was made especially for her.

Naturally, celebrities rarely wear an off-the-rack gown, so many of Vera’s designs are custom-tailored to the bride. Kim Kardashian wore three of Vera’s gowns during her wedding to Kris Humphries, each one custom-tailored. Unfortunately, the gowns took longer to make and fit than the infamous wedding did – only 72 days. (Rumors were swirling that the $10 million wedding was nothing more than a publicity stunt – but it was all good for Vera.)

Other celebrities who recited their vows in Vera include, Kate Beckinsale, Ashley Biden, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Angie Harmon, Tameka Foster and supermodel, Niki Taylor, to name just a few. Although Ms. Wang is also noted for her other haute couture collections, she has also created ready-to-wear lines for Kohl’s Department store and has also designed the Lavender label which can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue. She is versatile, constantly reinventing her style and will always be considered one of the top designers in the world.

This first gown we’ve included was a little controversial in 2009, but it is still being heralded for its innovative design, intricate detail and stunning colors.

1. Peacock Feather Wedding Dress: $1.5 Million

This amazing wedding dress was designed by Ms. Wang in 2009. One never knows where an artist gets their inspiration, but this dress is made with 2009 peacock feathers to signify the year in which it was made. It’s unusual appearance was an eye-opener for critics who did not give it a thumbs up. Rumor has it that the gown was made for the wedding between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, that never happened.

2. Strapless Pleated Sheath: $35,000

Vera is always thinking outside of the box. This sheath demonstrates her versatility in design, color and veiling. The champagne color was shown on the 2012 runway, however, it does come in a diamond white color. It is glamorous and actually looks comfortable to wear with the pleating that starts at the top of the legs which gives perfect amount of sway for walking and dancing.

3.  Strapless Ruched Tulle Mermaid: $25,000

There are several versions of this Vera Wang mermaid dress, but this is one of the most beautiful. It is created with a light and airy chiffon and would be keep a bride cool on a warm summer’s day or night. Although it looks a little restricting for dancing, it is perfect for the walk down the aisle, as it forces the wearer to take a much smaller step – which is ultra-fem.

4. Ivory Luxe Collection ‘Audrey': $10,500

This dress looks like it belongs on the top of a wedding cake, as it is the epitome of the a young girl’s wedding visions. It is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour with a simple, fitted bodice, jeweled waist and flared at the bottom to allow a free-flowing . The asymmetrical placement of the lace and jewels at the bottom of the dress add just the right amount of accent and elegance.

5. ‘Delilah’ Strapless Pleated Sheath: $9,000

This wedding dress is made with a silk organza that is so lightweight the material falls loosely into place, which shows Vera’s incredible relationship with fabrics. The A-line style is graceful and elegant. This gown is also designed to disguise and hide any figure flaws beautifully and would look amazing on nearly any body type. The black sash is now a big part of the latest black and multi-colored trend in wedding gowns and we must admit, it does give the gown a very unique look.

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