Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch Set

Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch Set
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Each of the four timepieces in the elite Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch set contains intricate hand-crafted components made of 18k gold that can be viewed through its delicate clear casing. The watches use sapphire crystal and one-minute tourbillon to manually  wind with precision movement as they sit on a floating pillow.  Each of the four unique watches has a small engraved mirror, a visible display spring and an octopus back spring, beautiful polished and some with precious diamonds around the face.

But none of that mastery and decadence is what sets these four watches apart from the rest and makes them a multimillion dollar investment. (The prices upon application are quoted between $4.5m and $4.9m).  What makes them special is their internal mechanical planetarium using astrological and horological materials.

In short, their dials are made from  billion year old rare meteorites that have fallen to earth.  Here´s is a round down of each watch and their meteorite.

Tourbillion Mars

The Tourbillion Mars watch has a dial made from a meteorite called  Jiddat al Haraiss 479 which was found in Oman in 2008 and has been authenticated as coming from Mars by the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. This meteorite is estimated to be 180 million years old and a tiny piece of this meteorite costs around $1000 per gram (and about 15 times the price of gold).

The meteorite dials gives off a greenish-grey tinge  and strikes a stunning contrast against the stark relief and the silver hour and minute hand. The Mars watch also has 3.46 carats of 56 baguette cut diamonds on the case bezel and lugs. It has an overall white gold look.

Tourbillion Rosetta Stone

This watch has a dial that is made from the oldest meteorite found on Earth, the Sahara 99555 stone, or as scientist nickname it  ´the Rosetta Stone´. It  is estimated to be 4,566,200,000 years old.

The case of the watch consists of 50 components including the signature Louis Moinet crown guard, with an octopus spring for winding and setting visibly at the core of the design. It has yellow rose gold finishing.

Tourbillion Asteroid

This watches dial is crafted from the mysterious Itqiy meteorite which formed close to the Sun thousands of years ago before making its way to Earth. It has a striking black and white pattern juxtaposing the central silver hour and minute hands .

It comprises of 50 components including the signature Louis Moinet crown guard and the display-back is just as spectacular as the dial-side, with an octopus spring  for winding.  It also has bezel and lugs with this 56 Top Wesselting VVA baguette diamonds framing the white gold finish.

Tourbillion Moon

The final hand-crafted masterpiece in the series uses the Dhofar 459 meteorite derived from our own moon which is just 1000 years old. It has a dark color which contrasts with the central golden hour and minute hands.

As with the others, it has more than 50 other components comprising of 18k rose gold as well as the signature Louise Moient crown guard. It´s superbly-polished off with a hand-beveled vertical bridge in rose gold.

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Millionaires club: find a millionaire

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