Dazzling Diamond Women’s Watches

Dazzling Diamond Women’s Watches

Diamond watches are the epitome of wealth and luxury. When a women wears one of these dazzlers, it’s pretty obvious she is a little more than financially stable. She is most likely in the 1-2 percent of the population who can pay as much for a watch as many do for a home.

Millionaires and billionaires often have more money than they can spend, so jewelers know that “if they build it, the right customers will come”. These three manufacturers do not disappoint as Chopard, Piaget and Omega are all top names in the business. They know how to please the rich and famous and continue to come out with designs we have never before seen.

Since wristwatches became popular (early 1900s), watchmakers concentrated on developing men’s watches. That could be a result of males historically being the primary breadwinners. Even when women entered the workplace, their positions did not warrant high salaries or luxurious business wear. Then about twenty-five years ago, women’s luxury watches started making an appearance on fashion runways, at diamond exhibits and luxury watch shows. Since then, the top designers have been coming out with some of the most spectacular designs with many of them covered in diamonds.

In today’s market, there are so many women’s luxury timepieces from which to choose,  it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to our top three favorites. So we selected three of the  most unique lady’s timepieces we could find… that are covered in diamonds.

1. Chopard 201-carat: $25 Million

This unique-looking Chopard is made with an assortment of 201 carats of diamonds. This amazing piece of jewelry is a one-of-a-kind bracelet watch that utilizes diamonds of all colors in a highly artistic setting. If you look closely you will see each cluster – starting with the three heart-shaped diamonds that total 36 carats: the blue weighs 12 carats, the white is 11 carats and the pink weighs in at 15 carats. Of course, that’s not all. The bracelet is encrusted with white pear-shaped diamonds that are arranged to look like flowers. Each one has a yellow diamond placed in the middle. The flower diamonds total 163 carats. Here’s another creative twist: it has a spring-loaded mechanism that, when pressed, opens up the heart shaped diamonds cluster much like flowers do in the sun. Exquisite. Creative. Very chic. Of course, you might need a few bodyguards to ride along when wearing it.

2. Piaget Emperador Temple: $3.3 Million

Another one-of-a-kind diamond watch, this Piaget Emperador Temple was sold the minute it was introduced. For a mere $3.3 million, Piaget may consider making another similar dazzler. You don’t have to look closely  to see the 481 brilliant cut diamonds, 207 diamond baguettes and the emerald cut diamond, which tops the outer case. Now here’s the part that makes this timepiece more amazing. When the top, smaller case is flipped up, a dainty little timepiece is revealed, as are more diamonds (middle photo). The grand finale, of course, is that when you flip up the second case, a tourbillon watch is displayed on the Polynesian mother-of-Pearl dial. Incredible. Every detail was designed with ultra feminine and luxurious lines and features… not to mention the pizzazz that 688 diamonds can give.

3. Omega Constellation: $150,000

This diamond-encrusted timepiece is spectacular looking and for being the least expensive of the three, it holds its own. Although there are no mechanical features and no flip-tops – this glamorous beauty was made with the utmost in quality. The elegance of the 18-carat white gold case sets off the beautiful mother-of-pearl dial.  and white gold bracelet. Omega’s Constellation line is gorgeous and this particular model is the quintessential timepiece of them all. Like most high-quality watches, the Constellation was made in Switzerland. It’s hard to decide if it is the diamond-studded swirls, the diamonds on the bezel or the overall design that make this one of the most luxurious watches on the market today.

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