Top Dating Tips for Millionaires

Top Dating Tips for Millionaires
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If you’re one of the many millionaires who are interested in finding great dates and mates, then these dating tips are for you. We know you’re tired of dating people who might be after the glamour and purchasing power of your flush bank account. So it’s time to get off the dating merry-go- round and change your dating style – if you are genuinely interested in finding Mr. or Ms. Perfect-For-You.

Today we’re going to give you a few guidelines that will make the process easier and get you closer to finding the one you can mesh with, your soul mate or just someone whose company you can enjoy. Our dating gurus’ suggestions will take you out of the faux dating scene and give you the tools to have fun and let things happen on their own. In fact, these tips will help you enjoy yourself on all of your dates – even if he or she doesn’t end up being “the one”.

1. Converse – don’t interview

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Most everyone has jobs, families and dating aspirations. Shooting a series of interview-like questions is actually the worse way to gather meaningful information. First off, it is too much like being on an interview so it invites the respondent to answer-to-please versus providing honest answers. Secondly, it feels like work, even if asking questions about dating and the future. It that the atmosphere you want to create? Thirdly, it makes the respondent feel like their answers are being measured and judged, which is something no one enjoys.

After a few preliminaries, move on and start the fun process. Remove the temptation of talking about work, money or the future and replace it with thoughts that come from your heart. Heart-felt communication makes for the deepest and fastest connection. If you’re not sure what that means, don’t speak until you are compelled to say something meaningful and honest, such as, “sometimes dating makes me nervous”.  It might take a little practice, but will go a long way, once you get in the swing.

2. Be your lovable self

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We get it, you have a high-powered job where people are waiting on you all day long. You’re important in everyone’s eyes including your mother’s. But importance is relative to location and activity. On a date, you are no more important than the chef who is preparing your food or the waitperson who is serving it. So get off it. Stop talking about yourself and your accomplishments and remember what it’s like to be with a friend. After all, the best relationships stem from a solid friendship.

3. Plan fun dates

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If you’ve ever watched that dating show, Millionaire Matchmaker, you have seen the full gamut of types of dates. Most of the millionaires use the ‘wow’ factor of their money or their business and the date becomes about impressing instead of real fun. Find out what your date enjoys and then match it to what you like. If it is swimming, then how about a private bbq in your backyard? If it is bike riding, consider a fun ride along a lake, followed up by a light picnic? Do not, we repeat, do not force your date to do something you love, in the interest of having him/her “get to know YOU better”.  We once watched a  millionaire take his first date on a 30-mile bike ride and never even noticed how much she was struggling. Not only is that egocentric, it loudly demonstrates your inability for mutual consideration. Period.


4. Listen with your ears and eyes

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Guys like that stereotypical cop-out that men just aren’t good listeners. Seriously? We’re sure you can hear every stock tip someone is giving from a distant table in a restaurant or a play-by-play during that all important game. So, we’re not buying it. And girls, isn’t it time to stop thinking about what you are going to say next and listen to what your date is saying? No one needs to know your every thought and feeling, past, present and future, so please be in the moment and stop spewing useless information. Both can learn a lot about one another if they are truly present and observe words plus body language, expressions and gestures – which are big parts of the communication process.


5. Don’t flash your cash

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Hey, if you prefer to date someone who is primarily looking for the gold, that is fine. For the rest of you who want to find true love, leave your wallet in your pocket. We’re not suggesting that you split the bill. We’re simply saying, impress him or her with the real stuff. You want to impress your date? Be thoughtful, considerate and think about what that person really wants. We’re guessing they just want to get to know you better and when money is being flashed around, those of us who don’t have as  much, tend to get distracted. So your money is not your calling card – you are.

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