2014 Milan Fashion Week

2014 Milan Fashion Week
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The 2014 Milan Fashion Week displayed Spring and Summer Fashions for the 2014 season. The textures and colors were reminiscent of Bohemian African patterns and Art Deco architecture. The materials used were light, shimmery or sheer, depending upon the opacity desired.

Color Blocks and Black Basic Shapes

There were many alternative styles showing color gradation, but not color blending. Layers of materials of slightly different shades created the color gradation. Black and large, Art Deco blocks of color were used in basic rectangular and square draped evening street wear, while the drape of the cloth was still light and breezy.

The overall effect of these clothing elements lent to city street wear, evening elegance, and casual-to-formal crossover. There was definitely some basic African twists put upon the blending of black clothing backgrounds and the bright, primary color blocks in tops or skirts.

Intimate Wear shown on Outer Wear

There were quite a few designs where bikini and intimate wear shapes were displayed as part of the cloth pattern on outer wear, such as over coats and rain wear. In addition to this, the sheer fabrics which were often used in draped dresses, skirts, and tops were often meant to display natural, sheer, or normal intimate wear underneath. The overall feeling of these collections was that of being windswept, isolated in remote country regions, and of bringing air and water elements of nature directly to the individual.

Green and Yellow Pattern on Pattern lent the Air of Summer Elegance

Some collections showed the light, busy patterns of 60s and 70s green and yellow summertime. These were done on luxuriously light material, which draped in many folds on the shoulders, hips, waist, and arms, lending the air of Greek elegance to the retro chic patterns.

There were many demonstration of pattern on pattern blending, often within the same garment, or sewn together in patchwork elements. The luxury, lightness and drape of the fabric led the patchwork elements away from country chic and into estate wear.

The overall feel of these heavily draped, lightly semi-sheer green and yellow pattern-on-pattern elements was that of tea on a Russian estate in the early twentieth century.

African Draped Black, Prints, and Semi-Sheer Business Wear

The elements of some of the collections were rather dark, focusing on black, dark brown, Art Deco pop culture patterns, African animal prints, and lots of slinky black draped skirts which, if worn appropriately, could add a luxurious touch to business wear or to an evening out on the town. The wraparound shape of the black and Art Deco patterned skirts matched well with freer dark tops, dresses, warm evenings out, and quiet walks through the city.

The overall feel of these collections lent themselves to dark jungles, evening in isolated bistros off of the main thoroughfare, and many mix-and-match occasions.

The Milan Fashion Week brought light and sheer, draped fabric to the forefront of the Spring and Summer collections. Light afternoons in the sun were blended pleasantly with warm dark elegance in a concert hall.

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