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knowitall, forced into, ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTTARIANISM, smile
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Posted on Thu, Apr 03, 2014 13:41

knowitall, forced into, ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTTARIANISM,and so are you. I tell you I'm so outraged,I'm enraged ( what?, smile).   
    As you know, on 3-31-2014 my askmrknowitall, NEXT QUESTION Post was deleted, without good cause. On 4-1-2014 I promised you know-ites that I would fix this problem. On 4-2-2014 I published a Blog title you guessed it, askmrknowitall, NEXT QUESTION, of course ( just to see what would happen, smile). To my shock, and amazement, ( not really it was just as I expected, smile), this site limited the amount I could say in the blog ( unlike other blogs, where others are allowed say as much nothing as they wish). More importantly, and wrongly they have blocked the Blog so that you know-ites cannot see it. I demand my right to say as much nothing as the rest of you, and maybe more nothing, so there (smile). So the staff wants to censor old knowitall, well we'll see who get's censored around here, Staff (smile). Word on the street is that some of you take pencils home form the office. Take That (smile). 

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