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CHARTER SCHOOLS, the next RIP OFF, you have been warned !!
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Posted on Thu, Apr 03, 2014 13:37

    Fist they stole your money out of the Savings and Loans, which almost crashed the Country. Then they stole your houses in the housing crisis Rip Off, which did crash the Country.  Then they tried to steal your retirement money out of Social Security, by privatizing it, fortunately that was stopped. For the time being.
    Now they're going to Rip you off with these Charter Schools. You're thinking, wait a minute knowitall, my kids are in private school, that won't effect me, I'm Rich. You pay TAXES on your house, thats part of the school budget.
    Well I'll explain how it will work and then you tell me if you'll walk away unharmed.
    The Public School budget is about 67 Billion dollars a year. Which MUST be spent on the public schools. Public Schools fall under the U.S Department of Education.
    Charter Schools are Private Schools, which do not fall under the U.S. Department of Education. Which means that they can teach any thing that they wish. The teachers do not have to meet the department of Educations standards because they Private Schools. The teachers do not have to have a teaching Credential. The board of Education has no say in how they run their schools. 
    Charter Schools are a business unlike Public Schools. Businesses are in business to make as much money as possible for their share holders.
    As soon as they prove how much better they are than Public Schools and take over the education of your children ( which can be done simply by enrolling only the best students), the money will start disappearing. Unexplainable expenses, Dividends to the share holder, golden parachutes retirement plans. The end game of Charter Schools is to steal the 67 billion dollars. Not to educate your children. You have been warned !!      

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