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looking young - what is your secret ?
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Posted on Thu, Jan 16, 2014 22:27

Hello :) Have you maybe find something that keeps you young and agelessly. Share your secrets or thoughts.

As s person involved in medicine and pharmaceutical science I have my own set of weapon :)

For Face ----retinoid creams - tretinoin, chemical peels with acids, for body-----gym workout -

that is for the beginners hehe.... for advanced users...there are a lots of surgery tricks :) I didnt do any but I dont have anything against them I am young for now :D

Still cosmetical products are not enough to preserve us, so food rich with antioxidants is beneficial and the most important thing is to remove extra fat because fat stored in the abdomen area is metabolically active... I always say that is like an extra organ killing us slowly. So keep that in mind. I always recommend our Mediterranian food and diet.

That were mine secrets. Share what you believe it works for you no matter how stupid it may seem.

For example I have heard that some people wash their face with morning urin because of urea in it :) I suggest use creams with urea instead hehe, but still I ahve to admit that they really look younger than their colleagues of the same age.


If you have any questions about ingredients or something I will try to give an answer.

PS: Sorry about grammar errors... English is not my mother tongue :) 



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