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Lady Janie eats healthy and has fun doing it.
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Posted on Fri, Oct 18, 2013 17:28

I think what I am seeing today is "sacred" relationships are dead.

The art of cooking with someone you love can be stimulating.  I am not needed to post

comments on this topic because there are many movies and tv episodes about it.

Letting go and letting things in your environment make it a joyful experience.

Do you need children and teens to show you what "respect" means in a relationship?


I think men that are being loved for love's sake are special.  Women who believe and have faith in love find it easy to share it with their family.  It is not men or women at fault for anything.  Its going back to childhood to see if parents allowed their children into their world. 

Many men know if they are being loved by that special woman.  If they are defensive or stand aside and don't address feelings in the relationship then they need to take responsibility for it.


It is all about the "winding road to your door."  Its about being honest with your feelings.

Try not to put your feelings on the shelf,  deal with them by sharing how you really feel.

Signing off for now Lady Janie "with love"



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