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    Like a previous post on here about a single mother, I'm finding maybe its even worse on the other end. I'm a single father with rights to my son and i'm finding it that women are being even more superficial than men. I mean if your young and got your stuff together why bother with a guy with a son already right? Perhaps this whole online thing is a waste of time for single parents, thoughts?

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    Hi Mercs,


    First of all, I'm sure you're doing a tremendous job! Keep up the hard work of being the best possible dad your son could ask for. Blessings to your little family.


    You are not only looking for a partner for yourself, but for someone who you can introduce into your little family. This inevitably puts quite a lot of pressure on potential future partners. Whoever decides to be with you also decides to be a mother to your son. Women who might think that once they've met the right man, they'd be willing to start a family further down the road, are put in a position where it is NOW a reality and not when they think they're ready. She won't be able to "build" her own family with her partner, but needs to be willing to join an existing family in the hopes she will be able to fit in.


    Don't lose heart and don't give up. There are millions of foster mothers, adoptive mothers and step mothers out there. There are plenty of women who will happily accept another's child as their own. If a woman loves children, her age doesn't matter. Be patient and I'm sure the right woman will come along - whether that is online or offline.

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    Not it is not! Behave yourself and find your inner ego.  Many of us have done this, not saying desperately tough, all women are not superficial, regrettably you have had the raw deal.  Be true to yourself and your son who you obviously adore, he needs you, no matter what x

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